PICS! Indoor trec competition 1st November


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Jul 12, 2004
So, we boxed up on Saturday morning and drove up for my first ever indoor trec competition. I'd entered the unaffiliated individual, pairs and affiliated RS-tor individual classes.

We went into the first class, the unaffiliated, and I realised that Gem had not got out of bed on the right side that morning! She was stubborn and grumpy. We got round, but only just! I was a little more cautious about the low branches, but needn't have bothered as Gem was absolutely fine with it, we cantered the bending (we had a break thru at an outdoor training day in august), trotted the corridor (would normally canter but not a decent enough run up and exit as scary water trays just after), over the scary jump with bags of carrots surrounding it etc... But could not get her over the water trays at all - I'm friends with someone who was judging, and she said Gem was just being stubborn (and I would agree!) and had issues leading her onto the footbridge (but once we were on it was fine!)... Overall we came 6th.

Next went into pairs, paired up with a YH forum member (well ex, were now on a FB group instead!) and between us we came 7th annoyingly, but Gem did very well and performed her parts to her best ability, trotting under the branches.

Finally I went into the affiliated class, after trying to figure out whether Gem was lame or just excited. Decided it was the latter as trotted up inhand sound and was just in the warm up when ridden there was an issue. She did well, had an issue getting her onto the footbridge, and she moved a foot when remounting, but other than that was faultless. We came 3rd and got a gorgeous rossie!

So, now you all want to see pics...
Walk CoP

Classic - the pony comes with a warning

Led S-Bend

Stroppy rein back

Low branches

My gorgeous 3rd place rossie ... This is enough to enter the class lol!


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Apr 23, 2009
Congratulations!! Lovely photos too, thanks for sharing. Gem looks gorgeous and not grumpy at all!

I wish I could find somewhere round here where I could try Trec - not a competition, just a training day.

Cremola Foam

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Jan 11, 2005
fantastic! Those low hanging branches look terrifying with all the cobwebs! Not sure Peds would have liked that!

i have booked transport for the first of a winter series in dec. Its a 1 day comp so all 3 phases. Got a POR training at the same venue on the 5th dec which is good as its my weakest phase!


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Mar 15, 2008
My friend and I scored 0 on the low branches in trot. No idea what we did wrong there.

@Bodshi-set something up at home. Its just like a handy pony course really. The gate can be rope as oppose to real. Use tarp for water if you don't have a tray etc.


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May 18, 2009
Well done! :) it looks fab and something I too would love to have a go at, NF you've got me thinking now.... goes off in search of 'useful' items to create gate/water try/low branches.
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Mar 15, 2008
KR if you want me to give you some pattern ideas I can. I always take a pen and paper with me to copy a layout :) Got a few now that only need 20x40 area.


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Jul 12, 2004
For home made ideas, google trec uk forum, it's quite a slow forum but it's full of useful treccies who have created their own obstacles.

I use rubber matting as a bridge, plastic fence posts as bending poles, decking to create my s-bend (go to trec GB fir the rule book and dimensions, but you can use poles), poles for the corridors, my maypole (which is no longer an official obstacle, is made up of one old swingball, a lunge line clipped on and a plastic fence post. You can use it either as a maypole or as a gate.

Finally, my low branches I stole the idea off another forum member, I use cones, with long wooden poles sticking up and angled pegs to hold my branches on. I will try and draw them ...

New forest - if you break pace, or show hesitation, knock off branches etc it all counts as faults. At trot if faultless you should gain a 7 but it is easy to lose marks.
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