Pickle's 4th Week At Holiday's

Tots N Dots

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Nov 27, 2005
Planet Pickle
Well as a round up Pickle in the last 4 weeks has learnt to lunge and longline, had a bit in for the 1st time, accept a saddle and rider and is working well in walk and trot and had his first canter with a rider on board, he is doing really well, I am amazed at how well he has come on in the short space of four weeks, all credit to Holiday.
I dont really have any new news over the past week as we are moving house on Tuesday and with working and packing up (very hard when you work from home) we have been really busy,
I havent seen Pickle all week (my OH has decided that my PMT is preferable to my Pickle withdrawl) I am really missing Pickle and have felt it more this week,
although on the plus points we will be going to pick up Pickle's trailer on Thusday, we have bought him an Ifor Williams HB401 :D I was a bit dubious about the stability of a single trailer, but on investigation it is only 14 inches narrower that the HB505, pity I didnt realise where Bristol is before I bought it :rolleyes: , so we will be mobile which is great, Pickle and I will be able to have regular lessons with Holiday :D
OH has also realised how much Pickle being away is making me sad and has been an absolute sweety and suprised me with a upgrade to a newer towing vehicle, (more for the fact he knows that Pickle and I will be off visiting now mobile and doesnt want to think of us breaking down here, there and everywhere ;) ) so watch out NoviceNic etc, once Pickle has settled into a routine at home again we will be round for a geek meet ;) ,
So since I havent seen Pickle all week, (I have only seen him being riden in photos :( ) I well hand over to Holiday to add more of what he has been upto :D


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Jan 4, 2006
Oh I am sure you are missing the baby boy - a whole week without seeing him - what a shame.

Good luck with the move on Tuesday Bev. I know you have been waiting a while for this.

Looking forward to hearing more news.



Tots N Dots

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Nov 27, 2005
Planet Pickle
NoviceNic said:
Geek Meet. YEY. Cant wait. I am moving yards soon and will have loads of nice hacking. What is the new towing vehicle you lucky lady?? I am looking to change my trailer. I just need to save £2500.:rolleyes:

:eek: a 2003 Nissan Terrano in silver :D we have a p reg ford Maverick at the moment which is virtually the same car, but new one has leather and suede interior :D I am a spoilt bratt lol, OH says I can customise trailer too so it will be less stealable :D it is going to have stipes down in gray/silver and burgundy which are the colours I have for Pickle :cool: and it is going to have a horses head on each side with "In A Pickle" next to it, I am more excited about getting the stickers for Pickles trailer than getting the new car, I am a real sad bunny :rolleyes: everyone will know its me wont they :eek:
Just an update!!!!!! Pickle is now walk trot and cantering under saddle, albeit a little wobbly in the canter but is trying really hard, he has been prefectly behaved throughout all his training and poor dots n dots has been busy moving so hasnt had chance to come and see him under saddle at all up to press. Were really excited for her to come and see him and hopefully she will be able to have a sit on him!!!!!!!
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