Pelhams a no-no for (schooling) dressage?

Scarlet Begonias

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Dec 25, 1999
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I must say that forive me .to complain about my spelling has nothing to do with anything here,sorry but we are not all gifted to do everything correct and I will admit that I am not the greatest speller.
Now back to what is important.What I was trying to say was that we all seem to forget sometimes that some people donot help only hurt and I am guilty of this also.there are alot of unkind people out there who stop at nothing to win,"Mclain Ward a 23 year old who was disqualified from the Aachen International Horse Show In Germany after is was discoverd that he used illegal tack on his grey gelding Benetton.the horse was outfitted with tendon boots containin sharp plastic pins to encourae the horse to avoid hitting the fences
His father was just released from prison,having been convicted for his part in an insurance fraud in which horses where killed.
We learn from example .
If we become the type of person that hurts others to make them self look good and do what we want at no cost and learn from people who care about nothing but money& fame then we fail as People,trainers,&riders.
I am sorry if you don't agree with me cynthia ,I am not here to make you agree with me either,you have your views I have mine,I love riding horses and will always .hopefully my daughter will also and I will make sure she learns the correct way to ride and enjoys everything she does on her horse&is happy isn't that what it is all about bein happy and enjoying yourself??

also you can not fuss at me for expressing my opions on here and tell me I am wrong for doing that ,because you would be also for sayin that to me.

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Scarlet Begonias

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Dec 25, 1999
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you are a beautiful teacher in what you teach .this is what I look for in a teacher ,I spent around a year trying to find someone who listens teaches and learns at the same time,it makes for a better person to learn from. there a so few like you and my teacher. all though we don't agree on saddle seat riding,we do seem to argee on other things.many happy riding to all.


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Aug 10, 1999
Cambridge, MA USA
okay, okay. i don't think anyone was trying to slam anyone, their horses, or their riding methods. i think it was pretty clear that no one meant to offend with their commentary. let's just let it be, shall we?

(and seriously, if we want to have a discussion on the merits of a particular discipline, let's just start a new thread - i started this one in order to get some advice and information, and i did, so there we go).


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Mar 28, 1999
I think that this thread should now be closed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I for one am not afraid to express mine. I do not moreover, expect everyone to agree with me, however much I would like to 'convert' them to my ideals.The old saying 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink' has never had a truer meaning here!

I have never before seen debate getting heated on this site, and have experienced how ugly and divisive it can become on other lists, particularly the dressage ones. It would be a great shame for a friendly and civilised site like New Rider to sink to those levels, so come on folks, 'shake hands' and agree to disagree. Don't lets enter the new Millennium on a sour note!



May 23, 2000
Herefordshire, UK
Yes, I think enough has been said on this area.

The trouble with any kind of messaging system is that you lose those vital expressions, intonations and body language clues that make it much easier to understand where each other is coming from.

When we have to rely on the written word there is much more scope for interpetation and misunderstanding.

I personally try to compensate by giving more benefit of the doubt to assuming that I have accurately grasped what the writer was actually trying to say. If I'm not sure, it's always better to ask for clarification to make sure I've got the correct understanding.

I'm closing this thread now. Let's leave it behind us and move onto a fresh start for the new year.

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