Ow, A Robin


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Jul 14, 2007
Have been sat on this forum off and on all day, (really need to get off my butt and get a life:D) my 2 staffies were snoozing happily in their basket, all curled up:D

They just suddenly went balistic and the older one Harvey, kept running too me and then back to the kitchen, so off I went following him and there sat on my worksurface right at the back was a little 'robin' ow, so cute.

He did not seem at all fazed by the dogs and was actually tipping his head from side to side watching them:D I think they were more freaked by him than the other way around.:D

I must admit it has not come as any great suprise cos this Robin comes up really close to my back door all the time and it obviously took one or two hops too many:D

I opened the back window of the kitchen and he just sat there for another few minutes watching me watching him, watching the dogs watching him,
then he hopped on the windowseal and off he went:D

Hope he does not make a habit of it, don't think the dogs hearts could take it:D:D:D