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Jun 4, 2014
So, I thought I'd start a diary for Pete and I for this year, to look back on :)

It's been a slow start to 2015, as he's currently off ridden work at the moment with a back injury. I'm hoping he'll get the all-clear from the chiropractor on Wednesday to start being ridden again.

Still, the time off has allowed me to investigate another issue we've been having - I did a post on this a while ago, but Pete gets terrible static shocks from rugs. Mainly turn out rugs, but he's currently down to a total of 2 stable rugs he can wear ...! I've tried literally everything I can think of to no avail, but I'm been talking to a couple of people that have suggested he's sensitive to overhead nearby electrical pylons - so he's booked in to see a healing type person the week after next & I've also just put a couple of crystals in his stable to see if that helps. This is sounding rather hippy-is even for me ... But, hopefully it'll help him.

I was worried the time of work & only bed allowed to do gentle inhand work, I was worried Pete's weight would balloon (as he's had laminitis for the first time last Summer) but I think I'm quite pleased how he is looking weight-wise at the moment.

We've also been having fun with some light groundwork and 'scary' things

With the time off, I've been trying to come up with some goals for this year. In no particular order, I've decided I'd like to:

Pass my Parelli L2 online & if the ridden work goes *really* well, maybe my L2 ridden freestyle.

Get confident again out hacking

Crack his loading issues

'Compete' in an inter-dressage test

I'm sure Pete will have his own agenda though ... So well see what the year brings! As long as he remains happy & healthy, I'll be pleased :)

tiamaria lady

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Jul 2, 2010
Pete looks gorgeous Pete's Mum!! He has such a kind eye. Best of luck with 2015,may it be a great year for you both.Hope he gets the all clear from the chiropractor real soon.
I'll be hoping to give the interdressage a go too,be looking forward to hearing how you get on with it too.
Oh yes and I totally am understanding the static shock thing as well.Skye gets it too but especially from cooler/fleece rugs. She hates it as do I.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
He looks good, a little crest still but thats always the last thing to go and his body looks great and like you say once riding again the rest is bound to follow. Jess gets static shocks from synthetic materials, coat shine/mane and tail help reduce them, and tying a tumble drier sheet on the rug and wiping her down with them helps too. I have overhead power cables running through my fields and haven't noticed any increase in the static shocks since we moved here from somewhere that didn't have any.
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Jun 4, 2014
We've literally tried everything we can think of re:static shocks, but I'd welcome any other tips to try!

I've tried alternative surfaces he's stood on, the footwear/clothes I'm wearing, mane and tail spray, tumble dryer sheets, I've tried touching wood/stone/concrete before him, standing him in a puddle, with a wet rope over him, with him loose - I've even tried taking the clips off his leadrope!

It's definitely less if I'm wearing leather shoes & cotton based tops & rubber gloves - but there's still no guarantee he won't get a shock. It's getting to the point where if he sees someone carrying a turn out rug, he'll shy away to avoid them - even if he's just tied up on the yard & it's a random livery he knows won't touch him :(

It started off initially from his fleece - but now it's most rugs, including all his turn outs . At the moment I'm able to use a Thermatex & a cotton waffle cooler, but I've still got to be careful putting & taking them on/off to reduce the movement as much as possible. I have to be careful grooming him to, as he can get a shock off some nylon brushes.

I'm sort of thinking, I've got nothing left to lose by trying crystals & an 'energy healing' type person ...!

It's had us all baffled this winter - horses, eh?!

Em 1

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Aug 18, 2001
…. I've tried touching wood/stone/concrete before him...

Probably a long shot that won't work but have you tried touching a metal stake/strip that is embedded in the ground just before you handle him? In theory this would act like a lightning conductor and earth any static from you. You could use something like a tent peg or even a foldable hoof pick. If this doesn't work then I'd second the crystals person as I'm all out of ideas ;)


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Jun 4, 2014
I think I have tried touching metal - but not embedded into the ground! I'll give that a go, thanks :)

So, most excitingly, Pete has been given the all clear to start ridden work again - unfortunately, not this weekend as we've had snow, wintery showers and just very, very cold weather. I thought I'd save getting back on until slightly nicer weather, I'm sure he won't complain :D

We spent this morning making the most of last nights snowfall and played snow angels together ...


He's had a bit of an MOT this week - with the dentist, not normally his favourite thing to say the least, but I was trying a new dentist who had been recommended to me and I couldn't believe the change in Pete's behaviour. It's so refreshing to find a professional that was so kind and considerate to Pete - we've had to weed a few out in the past ...!

He also had the barefoot trimmer the same day - I must admit, the farrier has never been his favourite thing ever also- but seeing the contrast in the two styles and suquently Pete's behaviour has certainly got me thinking. It's hard, as there was a time when no would touch him to trim and she's stuck by us - so I feel I owe her in some respect, but it's still a stressful situation for Pete & I and I asked her to not do something to him, which she just ignored ... There's definitely some thinking to do and decisions to be made, I'm just terrible at this sort of thing! :(

I've spend the day at a Parelli demonstration put on by the South East team - my two instructors were there and I'm feeling quite inspired, so I've got some plans for him up my sleeve too. I've been so looking forward to the Spring and the better weather, but this has helped to increase the winter motivation. Hopefully, now he's got the all clear to be ridden, we can crack on again with our lessons again too!

A pretty boring update from me, but I think it sometimes just helps to write it down ...
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Jun 4, 2014
I thought it was about time I did another update.

The weather hasn't been particularly great here the last weeks - so I've spent a lot of time doing groundwork, just to keep him ticking over.

We've had a bit of a breakthrough, as in looking for a new barefoot trimmer/farrier - we've come across the most lovely EP courtesy of my instructor. She came out for an assessment & although she wasn't able to trim him - he was a bit too defensive & unlike my last, her way of working is very much 'slowly, slowly catch the monkey' - which suits both Pete & I. She introduced us to essential oils & wow, the difference in a Pete already is huge. He's made such progress in the last 2 years we've been doing NH - but this really feels like another huge 'breakthrough'.

I'm not sure exactly how, but it really seems to be helping him let go of a lot of the trauma of his previous life before me & he just seems so much softer & more content in himself.

Now my horse had his own crystal collection as well as essential oil collection - it's laughable really (!!) :D but it does seem to be working.

Usually, wind and rain when he's stabled definitely gets him a little anxious - this video was taken a few minutes after offering him essential oils. He's never been so relaxed in his stable, let alone with howling winds & heavy rain ...

*I don't appear to be able to get the video to work - I'll keep trying!*

A couple of minutes after this - he let out the biggest sigh & just went back to eating his hay.

I had my first ride him of the year at the weekend too - he was actually very tense when saddled & he reverted back to kicking & biting when I went to get on. I sent Mum back off for the essential oils & within 20 minutes, there was no negative reaction to me leaning over & eventually sitting in him. I did the same the next day & he was SO much more confident from the off - we had a few laps of walk without any of his usual start of the session napping, so I'm so, so pleased :D

He won't do much this week - blooming work, eh?! - and I'll aim for another ridden session at the weekend.

I'm feeling quietly confident so far though ....
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