Ouch haha


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Mar 22, 2013
Needless to say I am feeling the product of me thinking I am a young thing and trying to keep up with the pro's on the gallops yesterday :help:

Haha I am a tad sore which I was warned I would be and told to take painkillers which I did not as I prefer not to with my colitis :poop:

I am not in agony and dont feel it as much in my legs as I expected but more in my upper arms and in my lower back muscles and top of my love handles which is a plus :wink:

Now that was only after one horse and 3 laps of 1 trot and 2 steady opened up canter as opposed to another of a gallop which had I been told to do or challenged to do me being me I would have clung on through the tiredness and rode on refusing to give in lol and it wouldve finished me off :giggle:

The only way apparently to get over the soreness is keep doing it :tongue:

So as I am hooked anyway and my goal is that next lap I will be doing it again on thur or fri morning as have a boozey lunch today (puely for medicative purposes of course :wink:) and am going to do it as much as I can while off for summer :dance:
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