Optimal spot for saddle to sit


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May 20, 2001
The Black Country Celeste arrived.
Swoon - I had no idea they could make English saddles so SOFT! No need for a seatbone saver there. The panels almost feel too fluffy. I am afraid my huge butt will squash this down right away. :eek:

So tomorrow I'll put it on the horse and I am so nervous. :(
Grrr. It will be horrid if I have to ship saddles forward and back and struggle finding one. And this one looks so, so nice and feels so wonderful as far as leather goes.

So here comes a REALLY dumb question: what is the precise spot where the saddle should sit? I did the wither tracing 3 fingers behind scapula -how does that correspond to where the actual saddle should sit? Any tips?

I am afraid I'll put it in the wrong spot and it ends up looking like it fits but doesn't. Or I put it in the wrong spot and we eliminate it from our potential choices when in reality it may fit quite well in the correct spot...
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