Omg, 'phew'....can anyone help, lol


New Member
Jul 14, 2007
I have bought my Grandaughter a Toggi Stockmans Coat on EBAY....

It arrived today and tbh I am absolutely delighted with the quality for
the money I paid, just hope it fits her, lol.

Anyway, one PROBLEM it STINKS of Wax, no correction it absolutely

Smells like rotten feet or strong cheese.........



New Member
Jul 14, 2007
It's waxed cotton - that's what they smell like!! :giggle: Air it on the line for a few days.

I know they stink, my Son walked in the house tonight and said 'What
the *@*$** hell is that AWFUL smell' lol:redface:

Its a Christmas Present for her but I daren't wrap it and send it over
to her House, they are moving into a brand new House this week and it
would just STINK the place out, lol, don't think I would be very popular
with her Mum:bounce:
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