Oh no I am away and Ziggy is sick...


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
My friend Suzi is looking after them and she has texted me to let me now that Ziggy has choke, she can't clear it (she has lots of experience) and she has called the vet. He's on site now, doesn't want to intubate and has given a sedative to help it clear, apparently.

I am in Italy and about to go out to dinner with family. This is miserable! I don't even know how worried I should be.

Poor Ziggy...


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Oh bless you, you must be so torn. But as the others have said, he is in the best hands so try not to worry. I'm sure it will get cleared and he may have a sore throat for a few days. xxx


lifelong sufferer of restless brain syndrome
Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Oh no! It's horrible having things happen when you're not there.
If the vet hasn't decided to put a tube down yet, it may not be as bad as you think. Sometimes if they just give a sedative the horse's muscles will relax and let the blockage pass on its own.

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
Don't panic. There's nothing you can do and ziggy is in great hands. Healing vibes for Ziggy x x


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
What a downer, and just what we all dread when we are away trying to relax and enjoy ourselves. I agree with Joosie, if the vet isn't tubing at this point I would think they are pretty confident that the muscle relaxant will do the trick. I am sure you will get some better news very soon and everything that you would have done if you were there is being done thanks to your vigilant friend.:)


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Feb 16, 2013
I am sure he will be just fine - there is nothing you can do (except worry, which achieves nothing. I say this, as a massive worrier myself.) I hope you enjoy your dinner and get good news soon. Whereabouts are you in Italy? I love Italy.


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Apr 23, 2009
Glad he's feeling better and also glad you have a very nice vet! Fingers crossed he gets the full all clear tonight and you can sleep properly x

Dark Storm

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Jan 4, 2009
Glad he's ok. Similar thing happened to Shadow when I was away, it's awful when you're so far away and able to be with them. Luckily friend cleared it, and we didn't get to the vet stage. Glad he's ok xxx
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