Offered Livery Full, Part or DIY on the Isle Of Sheppey, Kent


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Apr 15, 2008
Hi wondered if anybody knows or is interested in livery. I have one space availble on my own yard on the Isle of Sheppey in kent located right by the beach, great hacking, access right onto the beach from my yard. Hay is included in the price all year round. i have a soft-track professional rubber arena which is floodlit. Jumps for Joy lightweight "plastic" showjumps. Water, electricity, CCTV, 7 acres. 12x12 stable. Only 5 other horses on the yard. ALl fields are electric fenced, and we have no muck heap as this gets taken away. If any one is interested please email me on [email protected]


hi, were not allowed to directly advertise on the forum, you can though but something in your signature.
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