not sure where this would sit...


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Feb 8, 2009
I think I may have found a sharer for Tikki, she's a neighbour that I got talking to and seems really keen to be involved with them both (she has 2 boys that could have rides on magic) after not having a horse for last 20 yrs.
I'm just starting a masters so was planning on turning her away untill march after the first yr is completed, but i know she would be better off getting work, so have said to come and ride her to see how she goes...
Thing is I've never had a sharer, and whilst I want her to feel comfortable and hopefully get on with Tikki, i can't help be a little nervous...i've never really ever had anyone ride her apart from a friend in the school for 10 minutes the other year. So wondered whats the etticate with sharing? are there 'rules' ?

I think she should be able to ride her out on her own but the first couple of times i'd want to be there - i'm pretty sure I can borrow a hack...but how often would typically accompany a sharer before you left them to it?

any advise on what works or doesn't would be appreciated


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Apr 1, 2008
County Durham
How long I would accompany them depends on their competance. You will know when it is time to leave her to her own devices!

The etiquette varies - generally you would have set days for her, but if this isn't convenient she might prefer flexible days.


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Mar 6, 2007
You can pretty much make up the rules. There are loads of different ways of doing it - you just need to think about what works best for you both. You'll need to accompany her to show her some routes anyway (off road a least - it gets a bit hard describing how to go left at the bush with the prickly leaves etc etc!!) so you can just use that as your excuse as to why you are going with her. Plus you can say you will then be able to tell her how best to deal with certain things like "oh there's a tractor coming, put her in that driveway / turn her to look at it/ push her on" etc etc.

But you'll need to think about:

do you want money in return for riding?
or maybe just poo picking on the days she rides?
do you want her to be fully in charge on certain days - ie bringing in, rugging, feeding, poo picking, or do you just want her to be exercised?
do you want set days or just let her tell you days she is available?

It really depends on who is doing who the favour too. If you really need her to be ridden as you can't you might not be as demanding than if you were just doing it to let your neighbour have the odd ride now and then.

Hope that helps a bit?


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Feb 8, 2009
thanks, I'm happy enough to turn her away for winter..just seems a shame if there is someone willing to give her the extra attention I can't for a few months.
I think for that reason I'm not to fussed on financial contribution but would rather any extra help checking on them and pooh picking etc at least initially (if it came to wearing out a pair of shoes before I had a chance may think differently!)
will have a think, I would prefer to keep weekends for me as it's the only chance I'll get, which will hopefully suit at least through the winter as she works shifts so has more time in the week, and has 2 boys to occupy at the weekend.
Thanks though gives me stuff to think about.
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