No longer the alpha mare!


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Apr 14, 2008
Badiddlyboing, Odawidaho
My poor baby!

This is her third yard since I had her just over a year ago, and each time she's been the boss. Not any more though. :(

When I went last night (much much earlier than my normal time) she was waiting by the gate for me (her first turnout at the new place) and as I was told that all the horses that come in at night were in, I was concerned about her jumping the gate (regular readers will know she's got form).

I got held up in traffic and got there really late, and she wasn't there. When I'd done her stable I went to fetch her, but she couldn't get past this mare. I made to go in the field and got the ears, then the teeth, so I waved my rope at her, and she just turned her rump on me. Kels walked off and this mare followed her, then Kels turned back to the gate and got there just in time for me to get the headcollar on and lead her out.

All the way back to the stable she plodded along with her head down, looking most sorry for herself. It didn't help that she was caked in mud from head to tail.

I'm going to have a word with the mare's owner to get advice on the best way to handle her if this happens again because obviously I don't want her to be the boss of me as well, or I'll have untold problems! (I have to admit I was a bit rattled by her, specially as my bossy mare was subservient to her).

TBH I'm not used to mares as Kels is my first, and all the geldings I've owned have been... well, geldings, so is this how it's going to be now, or could Kels still face up to her? I know it's only Day 3, but I'd like to know. Truth be told, aside from the fact that the other mare worried me a bit, the worry of her jumping the gate if I turn up late's taken away, so as long as I can deal with her when I fetch Kels in I'm not overly concerned.
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If the difficult mare wont listen to you, and you still have problems, could you ask to bring her in first to get her out of the way so you can then get yours. You could always put the other out again if she lives out at night. As I have limited mobility that is what I use to do at a previous yard. Owner was quite happy with me getting theirs out of the way first.:)


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Apr 14, 2008
Badiddlyboing, Odawidaho
The mare was out again this evening, so it's possible she's out 24/7, as a few of them are, so bringing in early's not really an option. She was still preventing Kels from coming to the gate, though Kels did give her the ears, and this time I faced her up without being nasty or overly aggressive; I just stood there and stared her out. She walked away like she did yesterday, and Kels walked up to the gate.

I reckon if I carry on as I am it'll sort itself out. If this mare wants to play games that's fine, specially as tonight it was all over in about five minutes - it was a lot longer last night. :D

ETA Just read your post again - you mean I bring the other one in! That's a thought - I'll bear it in mind!
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Yes, you bring it in temporarily just for a few minutes to get it out of the way and then let it back in field when yours is safely out. This just takes the danger away when faced with one that wont back down. Sounds like you are winning though. Keep going a little longer and you will have Madam trained to move away when she sees you coming. lol.


Where I am now, I have to take my two little ones through a field with two big ones in who come hoolying around trying to start fights or play. One of the big ones always wants to get in first as well.

To keep the peace when we are walking through I give them a small handful of haylage first, just enough to give me 5 mins to walk through with mine. It is much easier than arguing with them when I have two ponies on leadropes itching to get away and play or fight.

It is all on a very steep slope as well so getting slid on or pushed down the slope is the reason to walk calmly and slowly.
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