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Dec 26, 1999
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Hello, I just wanted to write about how impressed I am with the community feel that is here at this message board. Hard to find good clean support on line these days... especially that is helpful to the total novice like me. Keep it up! While I am here any advice on half-halts? I am really new at this stuff and do not get to ride but for about an hour a I want to make the most of it. Thanks to all. ;)


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May 22, 1999
Half halts are cool little things that work so well! They can get your horse going with impulsion, on the bit, lighter on his forehand and they can get him slower, too. When you're more advanced they'll aid in getting him collected, too! :D

:confused: I'm not so sure if you're asking about how to do half-halts or if you're asking for more info about them, but I'll teach you how to half-halt anyway. Be wary of your breathing, and start using your legs to drive your horse forward. When you inhale,put gentle pressure on his mouth. When you exhale, 'relax' your hold on the reins. Make sure you're keeping your breathing steady. That's how I was taught! Good luck with your riding!!


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Jan 29, 1999
Well. my dear, I am totally used to doing and being yelled at for NOT doing my half halts. But I do know that they are. :)

A half halt is mostly a "get ready" aid. I give one before the cue to canter, or the help me and my horse with getting the "on the bit" properly.

How to do them is my infamous SWOOTS or Squeeze Water Out Of The Sponge hand movement. On the inside rein, you'll do the SWOOTS, and hold the outside, fairly firm, to prevent the horses head from coming in hard. With the inside leg, you push it hard against the girth, and the outside will hold and be placed a little farther back behind the girth.

Hope this helps you! :D :cool:


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Mar 28, 1999
I have explained the use of the half halt in my book, Enlightened equitation'. The concept that I have been taugh, and practice, is rather different to how Medalia describes them, and very subtle.

I will try to go through the disc of the book and find the relevant text as soon as I get a moment, and post it.

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