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Jan 6, 2006
SUCH a good boy today! Finally a hack when he was calm throughout :). Yes it was a short hack since we were on our own, but I added in a new bit and he was completely chilled about it. And I mounted with no performance whatsoever - he stopped a few feet away from the steps but then settled himself square and stood looking at the steps so I moved them to him, he didn't move a muscle and I got straight on! Lots of fuss and treats, followed by more fuss and treats -I hope the penny dropped for him. It probably helped that I remembered not to touch the reins or even put a hand near them but even so this is unheard of, a good day is 3 or 4 goes not just get straight on.

Tomorrow may not be as good, who knows, but today certainly reminded me that being calm and patient (both in very large doses at times) do pay off. It was so good to have a hack where he was completely relaxed and enjoying himself :)
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