Nettex sweet itch cream


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Aug 1, 2004
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The man in the tack shop was furiously trying to sell this to me yesterday, I declined for the moment a) as I've never heard of it and b) because I'm having good results with camrosa and a Boett rug.

Anyone used it? did it work? How often do you apply it? (it said once a week on the tub but....). Also it was £20 per tub is that over priced?



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Jul 15, 2000
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We've used it for a couple of summers. I would recommend it BUT - we tend to apply it every day. Don't really know where they get this once a week nonsense from. One tub has done us two seasons but we only apply where his Boett doesn't go or on areas where he seems particularly itchy. I don't think it would be very economical if you had to start applying it all over


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Nov 27, 2002
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I have been using it for the first year this year, so far so good. Applying once a week after a mane wash. £15 I think I paid for mine. It is the pink stuff in white tub with green and black graphics.


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Jul 16, 2003
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i have used it last autumn when it got too rainy and cold for the rug and i wanted to make sure she got her wintercoat in time. it IS horribly expensive and i found (if the horse really has sweet itch and isnt just 'a bit itchy'!) you need a lot more than it says on the tin and you do have to apply it once a day at least, not every week or something. i would stick with the boett and stuff for scabs if i were you - works out a lot cheaper :)


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Sep 9, 2004
North Wales
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Boeet rugs work woners and should never be abandond but there really is little point in smearing your horse with chemicals that will reduce the horses own ability to fight the sweetitch, Try feeding them Marmite sandwiches instead works just as well. It gets into the skin and repels the midges that way instead of just treating the damage done.
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