Need Help With Barrle and Poll Training


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Sep 1, 2002
I just bought a 19 year old mare and I'm planing on using her in upcoming shows. She's very quiet and slow. I want to pick up her walking speed at least, but her right hind is stiff. I also use a Tom Thumb Curb bit on her, it works a little better. She's gotten better on walking over the 2 colored polls but I'm not shure how she'll walk next to them. She was also a trail horse before so she's not quiet shure what to do in the arena. Any advice?


( That's not the right bit in the picture ! )


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Apr 9, 2002
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
I would switch her over to an O Ring snaffle smooth snaffle. She might have trouble with the TT because of the shanks. If it's possible, let her hang out in the arena by herself. Let her spend an hour a day in the arena to get acustom to her new environment. I'm getting my 16 year old Arabian ready for Western Pleasure and he's been used for trail riding for the last 6 years. I would recommend doing some ground work with her. When you say her right hind end is stiff, what do you mean? Try doing some circles and backing to strengthen her hind end. I'm not fully understanding what type of showing do you want to do with her. Are you wanting to do barrel racing? I don't think that's the greatest idea to train her for barrel racing at 19. She is past her prime and barrel racing is hard on older horses (especially when they haven't done it before)..what physical condition is she in?
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