Need a huge scream - Is it April 1st or something?

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !

There you go. :)

If anyone knows how to clone me, please shout. I cannot be in 3 places at once. I cannot help it if someone's custom colour leather in on 5 week turnaround due to the factory being so busy. AND.....I cannot help it if your husband has put on 8 inches round his waist, so the belt we made him for Christmas to his measurement THEN, is now too small. That's NOT MY BLOODY FAULT!! :banghead::banghead:

If I have ONE MORE dream that we have found our horses or that they were never stolen in the first place, then I wake up and the reality comes back, I will never sleep again! :(

And if one more person makes an appointment and doesn't show up, with no phone call to cancel, I will scream AGAIN!!!! :(

I can't do right for doing wrong today!!!!

Oh I am having a crappy day!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys...I'm finished now. ;) :D


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Mar 19, 2007
Rio cuddles sounds a good idea, the day is almost half way through now and you have our permisson to tell anyone else who upsets you to "get to France" should you wish to


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Oh Karin..... that dream.... :( :( :(

With all the other things I'd have said "you have to have the bad to appreciate the good" but the loss of your horses still eclipses all the other :poop: you have going on right now.

Hugs xxxx


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May 20, 2001
So sorry. I've had weeks like this. Not quite as bad of course because I can't even imagine the worry of not knowing where my horses are and if they well taken care off, etc.
Hope things get better by tomorrow.


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Mar 19, 2007
And if you get in trouble you can say we told you to do it! ;)

(we've had the goats in the house and OH never found out either)

Love it!! I've always joked that one of our goats needs to come and sit by the fire in the house, have never been brave enough to do it though!!:giggle:

Kis Vihar

Nutty Saddlers !
I take it your day isnt improving - why is the foal upset and go and get it and bring it home if you want to.:biggrin:

Neighbour breeds foals (and sheep, pigs, etc) every year (for meat money, or anyone who wants to buy them). If he breeds a filly, it's put in foal asap. He's got a mum, her daughter, her 2 sisters and her son who's a rig (yes, all running together!) :( Some or all of the mares/fillies may or may not be in foal by a local stallion. Yesterday he decided to wean last years's foal and I don't agree with how he's doing it, and have had to listen to the foal screaming for the last 2 days. :( It's really disturbing. :( Even Fella was screaming and circling round distressed yesterday. Wish I could sneak it over here, but I think neighbour would notice. ;) He looks after his horses really well but doesn't really see them as beasties with feelings.


Keep calm have a large dram of what you fancy, put your feet up and tell everyone to f**k off because you are taking time out from the world. Remember the man that made time made plenty of it.
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