Naughty Naughty Daisy!


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Oct 12, 2005
New Mexico USA
I still haven't been able to find a trainer I like let alone trust. At the same time the cool weather is making Daisy very naughty!:D While I am glad her teeth are better after all the problems I had and money I have spent she is full of her self after not being ridden in about a month. Since I was medicating her I didn't feel like I should ride her.

What she is doing now I have found the last two days of arena work is an over willingness to GO! I keep needing to ask he every 10-15 seconds to slow. She got so mad at one point with me she bucked! The only other time she has done this was when I first started riding her and she was still a little fearful. Another thing is she is normally much calmer in a arena setting then a trail full of people and dogs. Over all the last couple ride were lot of asking her to slow, circles and her stomping her feet. I tried to lunge her not long ago again and she is fearful of it being blind.


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Aug 4, 2005
In my expereince a lot of horses who have been unwell and have now healed go through this litte thing of being full of themselves. Do you ever do one rein stops? If so, practice getting your horse light on the cues to transition down to a one rein stop (do it at the walk and trot first) and pretty soon she will find it easier to maintain the speed within the gait you require rather than being asked to bend to a stop again. Just be passively persistent and it will (should ;) ) all come around.


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Oct 12, 2005
New Mexico USA
No I have never done a one rein stop but I will try. I kinda figure she is just happy to be feeling well again. lol. But I am graining her again (vet said too) so I really think that could be a little of it she went from none to slowly 5 pounds a day of the senior. Last winter when I first got her I didn't ride her at all (she was too thin and ill) so I think she is just starting to show off a little. I still think if she is trained for it she would be great in endurance. She loves to be ridden you can tell it makes her happy she just gets a little excited.
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