My poor Poodle


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Apr 25, 2003
Kimme had a work up at the vets to see what is up with her. She is 10, was a bit depressed, not wanting to do stuff, but not obviously anything wrong.

Well after gait analysis, stance analysis, flexing and checking every bit of her, xrays and scans of everything, she is on pain relief and having her first physio session tomorrow. Hopefully she will then have stemcell implants.

Even worse her son who is six only, looks like he has similar issues.

Her estimate around £5-7K......


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Nov 11, 2018
Oh dear - what our beloved animals put us through! Really hope they can get to the bottom of it, and get her (and him) better.


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Apr 25, 2003
She has been lethargic and a bit stiff. Sleeping more, not engaging, wanting to be alone. She has a 1 1/2 hour work up then all scans and x rays. On the treadmill it showed she wasn't moving correctly. The static weight analysis showed she wasn't standing evenly. He found pain and lack of extension and flexion on various bits. He was expecting the x rays and scans to be pretty bad i.e. hip and shoulder dysplasia, bad ankles you name it. but the scans and xrays showed that while she had a bit of arthritis, it wasn't as bad as feared i.e. hips are still quite good in the cups, shoulder is ok. Main issue is discs around pelvic area and most of her problems seem to be coming off that. Also she has a lot tendons and ligaments not working correctly or with ossification. So the stemcell stuff should fix the soft tissue items, and hopefully help the arthritis if not fix it. She will be doing hydrotherapy, laser therapy, basically throw the book at her. Otherwise we are probably in a pts situation as can't let her be so poorly. the pain relief has perked her up a bit already and see how we go.
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