My new babies

Nov 10, 2014
So these little Ladies came home on with me yesterday! Two are mine and two are for a friends kids, they will all stay together at my friends house as my landlord doesn’t want animals in the house. They are staying with me for a couple of weeks (shhhh) Until the big reveal at Christmas :)

not named yet although the dark grey and brown one are mine and I’m thinking of naming them misuto which means mist and Chikyu which means earth but I haven’t full decided :)

6280C6D4-6C7B-4191-A56A-73A2C69BA6DB.jpeg 6A7362A4-B162-40AC-80E4-E210FD42DB9C.jpeg 8A2E0867-5957-4C8D-8E3E-B3D604A48D35.jpeg 9D2A477C-30F1-4329-A7DE-1D2C45581978.jpeg 0F5156E0-9184-4714-B74A-5438471388B0.jpeg D989BCFE-35E9-4270-9E1E-380EF20CD1E9.jpeg 2BA36888-D320-4A5F-8CC6-06B97C9C77ED.jpeg 28B2FF05-18A4-4FFA-B5B1-5ED3EB671C5F.jpeg 86D0C8D4-1E86-4338-BB0E-3CEB2E70E7CB.jpeg


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Apr 23, 2009
Aw they are so cute and already look nice and tame. I'm being stupid here, but what are they? Baby chinchillas?
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Feb 8, 2012
They are so sweet! I only got my two when they were later in life (they are both approx 6/7 now) so they are not very tame to handle but Matilda loves climbing all over me. Monty prefers to just do his own thing. They have so much character, every morning and evening I just let them out into their playpen and watch them, it's so entertaining. Tilly has a very dramatic alarm call but they enjoy chatting away to each other and Monty often sings to her. Such great little pets 68714650_10162092972635156_3474587478281682944_o.jpg 28161589_10159983904375156_5704350015571754961_o.jpg

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
One of my clients had a couple of degus. One accidentally escaped when they opened the cage out in the garden. Never to be seen again. The other died of old age. To me they looked a bit like rats. There coat colour is similar to rats. But there faces do look squirrel like. There degus gave me shivers down the spin everytime i had to go into the room they were in. I gave them strict instructions never to let them out when i was there. I did get use to them in the cage to the point i eventually managed to touch the cage and they touch my finger but that was as much as i could take.
Personally they are not my cup of tea. As they just remind me of wild rats. Which i hate with a passion.
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Nov 10, 2014
They are fab! I had degus years ago but I have wanted some again for a while but just not been able to!

they have been quite naughty in the sense of escaping from their lovely big cage! They are just small enough to squeeze through the bars so I’ve had to wrap the whole cage in 13mm chicken wire to keep them in lol
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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Oh my brother keeps Degus, his are called Cheech and Chong but it must be his age. They seem to be very clever and very hard to keep! Perhaps that's just him.

Yours are adorable, I haven't seen parti coloured Degus before.
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