My girls live alone


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
And as I am about to have horse company soon (can't go into details on here yet) I wonder how they will react. They have lived alone for almost three years - prior to that Chloe was on a big yard and Stormy lived with Joe. Anyhoo, they will be together with me and the other horses will be completely separate. They won't be coming onto the yard but may hack past at some point. Also they will be in fields where the girls may be able to hear them but not see them. I am expecting some initial unsettlement from my girls but really hope they settle down and it will be no big deal as the newbies hack past with their owner. Is there anything I should do to ensure a smooth transition to having company (using that term loosely of course).?
I won't be riding Storm in company nor will they be having feet done together with the new neds - just that they will see them and sense them. Should be no different to being on a yard right? My Storm and Joe were surrounded by other horses in the past as was Chloe. Just bothered cos they have been hermits for a time!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Thanks flo-po, I fear I am doing my usual over-analysis! Lol tbh I often wonder if it is too quiet here, we are tucked away and they don't see much activity apart from sheep, goats and cows......


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I bet they'll be interested/excited to start with but will quickly ignor the newbies, does this mean you will be able to hack storm if Chloe can see others?


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Oct 13, 2004
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I bet they'll be interested/excited to start with but will quickly ignor the newbies, does this mean you will be able to hack storm if Chloe can see others?

No because they'll be totally separate. Not too bothered as hopefully OH won't be without his own horse for much longer which means Chloe will have company if I go pootle alone. I don't want to over complicate things and at this stage it just seems better with everything completely individual. Sorry if that sounds cryptic! Lol


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Mar 15, 2008
Should be fine, our lot had visiting horses for a week, all mine did was come into season. They weren't visiting for that! Few were a bit lookie but they were with us on the main yard.
If your seperated, its no different from any other animal arriving in a field.
We hack by a cutie pony on its own who neighs to us, mine just glanced-couldnt have been a boy then ;)

You dont sound like your having company, not on your yard, sharing field, in sight of you, they may just ride past, no different to anyone else out for a hack-unless your drive is private.
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May 19, 2005
new forest
I wouldn't worry unless they were next door fields. As it is I think they will enjoy seeing other horses about. My two are together and there are other horses a filed or track away about and while they look on with interest when changes occur as long as there is a gap between they don't get too bothered.
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Aug 5, 2009
When I allowed a friend to graze a couple of her horses on fields of mine, just a track and a hedge separating them I did wonder was it a good idea, especially as I had to hack mine out past the other horses field every time I went out. The first week was awful, her's were charging about shouting the whole damn time...mine (JJ and another I still had then) cavorted sideways past their field with eyes on stalks for the first week or so, and spent most of the day trying to peer through the hedges and across the track to spot the intruders! The donkeys were even worse!:rolleyes:

All settled within a week or so, and the two new ones barely lifted their heads when we rode past, and my greedy crew soon forgot about them and took up grazing again as the novelty wore off.

I am sure it will all settle and be fine - but I do hope we will get a less cryptic report in due course?:p
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