My first "sit" in five weeks


Salsa & Solstice Twilight
Sep 12, 2003
North Yorkshire
Salsa hasn't been sat on since he gave my sharer a flying lesson over Bonfire weekend. I haven't ridden for almost six weeks, since hurting my back, so understandably, I was a little concerned! :rolleyes: Sal can often be a handful when he's had time off, especially over winter when feed is increased and turn out reduced. I got on last night, and did twenty minutes in the school - we were both sweating by the end of it :eek:
He was a star :D. It took a few circuits of the school at walk to get him paying attention (it's his first time in the indoor school since Spring), but once his mind was on me, he was perfect. He tried it on once - we had cantered on one rein, and I had just changed the rein, so he was expecting to be off again at the same marker (he's too flipping clever for his own good), but when I reminded him that Mum decides where we canter and how long for, he went all meek and well-behaved.

I was so proud of him, and I feel like all the hard work I've put in has really paid off. He just isn't the same horse of a year ago who required a heavy duty calmer, a Harbridge to keep his head down (although I rode in a running martingale last night, just in case :p), and a dose of Rescue Remedy for me, and no chance whatsoever of cantering anywhere, let alone doing twenty-meter circles and serpentines in the school.

My back was absolutely killing me, and this morning the left-hand side of my back and left hip have inflamed and are so painful, but it was so, so worth it :D He's not perfect yet, but I can see a time coming that he will be a nicely schooled horse.

It was, unfortunately, spoilt somewhat by the thought that he is going to be leaving me soon. We've been contacted by several people interested in loaning him, and I am going to miss him so much. I just won't be complete without him, and all the things I wanted to do with him over 2008 won't happen. I've decided that any loan won't begin until January (I want to be able to spend Christmas with him - it will be the first year I have been at home for Christmas, so I want to be able to go for a hack), so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my OH may possibly get a job in the next few weeks, which will mean Sal can stay.
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