My first attempt at clipping and a little update

vels mum

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Jul 1, 2008
Just a quick update on me and the boys. I had my hand operated on yesterday for 2 trigger fingers so got stitches and Im 'supposed' to be staying away from the thats gonna happen!! :giggle:

Was the perfect day for a ride today so was well pee'd off that I couldnt so took some pics instead

I clipped Jack beginning of the week but failed at clipping around his sheath and inside of his back legs, I was close to getting his hoof in my face a few times!!!! Tried sedative and tried to just trim it with scissors but he was having none of it!!! So he has a silly tufty bit next to his mansword :devil:

Not too bad for my first attempt at clipping??



For the first time in Vels life he is carrying a little too much weight, no matter how hard I press I can feel no ribs :ninja:


Peeka-boo :)

Hugo and Foula are their happy selves, once my hand is healed im gonna really start working with Foula he is 8 months old now, so time to start learning!!! :wink:


Black Beastie

Well done :D

K is the same around his back legs, fine about his winky but the back legs are a no go, he just dances about :rolleyes:

Vel looks great to me :) Nicely covered for the time of year, what age will he be now???


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Sep 14, 2009
Personally I think he looks just right. Having had TB's who I was always worried about keeping weight on, I just love having Tobes. I cannot see or feel his ribs, but to me he looks just perfect - just like Vels.

Probably am terribly bad owner, but I hate to see ribs!

vels mum

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Jul 1, 2008
I dont like seeing the ribs either but it would be nice to feel at least one of them :giggle:
This is the first winter since owning him that ive not had to go up to 3 hard feeds a day to keep weight up, so im pretty chuffed! I guess he isnt putting quite as much effort into growing up the way as he has been in previous winters :)


You have made a good job it takes time to learn how to do it. I have been doing it for years but the artistic content of my clips is somewhat lacking. My old mare used to get a bit narky when you clipped the back legs so when i got to the tickly bit i just put the twitch on held her tail and Bobs your uncle.
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