My farrier is fab ❤


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Gracie is mid returning to barefoot. She had her hinds off 6 weeks ago and has coped admirably (as in I don't think she even noticed 😂) and he told me to leave it a bit longer to call him back to remove her fronts, so that she had some good growth. My YO turns G out in the mornings for me and he messaged yesterday to say she was missing one of the fronts. At 6.5 weeks growth 🙄 Dom then came to the yard with me as he had offered to go into her field and look for it whilst I mucked out. I also despatched him off with a hoof pick to check her foot for any punctures or damage, but all was fine, thankfully.... AND he found this rather mangled shoe! 😮


I posted this pic on FB, figuring I'd give my farrier the weekend before messaging him, but he actually saw my post, messaged me this morning and came at 10am to sort her! What a star!! Anyhoo, he looked at her hooves, said there was enough growth and promptly removed the remaining shoe and tidied her feet up.

He's such a good egg ❤


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Apr 6, 2021
I think if you treat your farrier well they will be happy to help out. Mine is brilliant too but if he is messed about he won’t be so helpful. So good job to you too.

I really do worry about horses sometimes tho. The forces they must put on themselves to be able to twist shoes is scarey!
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