Mid week day/food thread!


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Jan 23, 2012
As I currently don't have a pony to talk about.. i'm going to talk about my 2nd love.. FOOD! :smug:

I've had such a busy day today i'm exhausted!

First of all I got up, went to M&S to get meal for two for OH and I tomorrow night. Got back just in time to make OH a big lunch before heading back to work and myself toast and coffee. After that i've done the dishes twice, bleached every surface in my flat, swept, hoovered, sterelised and mopped all the floors, tidied the place head to toe, put clothes/other bits and pieces away, done a load of washing and a couple of hours ago, made a hot chilli and put it in the slow cooker for this evening's dinner. It smells sooo nice. :tongue: I do this everyday but today seems to have taken it out of me! *yawn*

I have a two year old coming to stay with me tonight until Monday so when she gets here it'll be cuddles, an activity, snack, bath and bed for her and when she is settled THEN it'll be time for me to relax and watch OBEM. :smug: unless I fall asleep by then!

What have you all done today/and are cooking for tonight's dinner? (or tea! I think most of you say tea.. :yellowcarded:)


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Chicken casserole that OH prepared and put into the slow cooker first thing this morning. Have to say such a scene of domestic bliss that I watch from the school as I ride Storm - he hehehehehehe, woman's place on horse, man's place in kitchen preparing grub! lol I am lucky I know.
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