merry christmas to you all


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Jul 24, 1999
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well this is just a message to wish you all a merry christmas and a very happy new year , i hope you all get a great start to the millenium and all your chistmas wishes come true, i,d likE to thank all of you for helping me find the courage to start riding earlier this year which has made 1999 a most fantastic year for me , you have helped me tremendously with all the hints and tips , and i thank you for that , lets hope 2000 is just as special thank you all, i miss you paula the most your one very special girl , ..... HAPPY HOLS TO YOU ALL .


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Aug 25, 1999
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My wishes too for a very merry Xmas and Happy new year and that the next millenium bring us all a better world for all of us (includes our loved horses and other animals).

Have a great time!
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