Mens Body Protectors


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Jan 12, 2008
Just having a browse for body protectors. Bit confused.. are the majority unisex or not? - Looking on the websites they don't generally state either or! I think the champion cobra look quite nice, or the Rodney Powell. Has any one got any suggestions or recommendations??


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Aug 5, 2009
Not seen anything anywhere that states suitable for men or women when Ive been buying so would assume one suits all.

I ended up buying a Racesafe - always hated wearing BPs but this one is so comfy and light that when I wear it now I sometimes forget I have it on!:) Felt a bit constricted first couple of times of wearing it but they seem to mould to your shape after a couple of wears and wouldnt change to another make/design now at all.

Ginger Thing

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Jul 10, 2003
I think most are unisex, apart from the ones especially designed for women;):).

OH has a Rodney Powell, which he's been very happy with, I used to have a Champion Cobra which was great except it was a bit too long, other than that it was very cool and comfortable. I now have a Racesafe which although extremely comfortable is not as cool as the Cobra, but as we've only jumped on one boiling hot day last summer it doesn't really matter! :rolleyes::D


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Dec 21, 2003
Well no -even some that appear unisex come in two versions, one with men's sizes and the other with women's.
OH bought an Airowear in the end - same brand and type as my (old style) Zippa but his bp is a mans, even though it doesnt say, and mine is for women.

I guess that, to start with, most bps were for men - jockeys. So when women began to wear them we sort of made do with what was already on the market and that created the idea that bps are unisex and also that they remained the same. That's no longer so.
My OH tried on several brands - thats the first important thing. To try several and find the brand that fits you best - And to have a specialist fitter. because many shops dont stock the men's version. There isnt such a demand - OH was measured up and the shop ordered one in for him to try.
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