Megan's June Photocall... hello again :)


Megan's mummy :-D
Sep 6, 2005
Here's Megan, I took this today, my daughter hanging on for grim life - Megan wants to get to the grass :eek: !

Megan's on restricted grazing and is hacking out for 3/4 hour - 1 hour each evening with the odd evening off. She is also having intensive training from a guy with a horse at our yard once a week.

Do you think she's looking ok on it? I was getting concerned about her weight at one point.

Her hooves (the sole) are getting very cracked and underneath it's soft and white. I had been using Purple Spray to tackle thrush (she came with that :rolleyes: ) and it's been working well but I'm worried it has dried them out too much? What do you think? The farrier is due on 17th June and I'm not sure whether to panic and get him in early or leave it until then. She seems absolutely fine with it and the thrush is loads better now.



Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
WOW!!! What a stunner! She is looking fab-yooooo-lous!!!

Well done Imp... I think she looks great. Cobs are meant to be deep in the girth and I can't really tell if she's got a rotund tum from the angle, but who's looking at just her belly when you have the whole picture?? :D

Nice to have you back :)


Oct 21, 2005
she's gorgeous, what a cheeky face - you can tell she's miffed about not getting the grass but she's being polite about it :D


Sexy Dressage Pony
May 7, 2003
On my horses back...
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She has a nice shine and looking ok for weight. Would like to see a back view picture and then it would be a little easier to see if too much overweight. Overweight is not all about the belly. It is about the topline and neck area as well. Not an expert but that is what someone has told me this week. The hacks will do her good as well. Good forward going walks. Have you tried lunging her?

Nice to hear from you. :)

Kate 05501

New Member
Oct 13, 2004
Garson, Ontario
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What a good looking horse.

I think the horse looks great. I know what a pain in the neck to get rid of thrush. Diego had thrush and I caught it in time before it got to bad. I clean Diego hoofs and then I use Hydrogen Peroxide. People use half water and half Hydrogen Peroxide. I just use Hydrogen Peroxide. I also got the Farrier to come out and trim Diego feet. It cleared up the thrush. I had to find a fast way to get rid of the thrush. My colt was at the time in a round pen in mud. I had my colt at a friend house and thats the only place to put him at the time. Know Diego is in the big field with his friends now. Let us know how things are going?

Kate 05501 and the gang

Little Dolphins

New Member
Nov 8, 2005
hello Imp ole thing! I posted here earlier but it's disappeared- v. odd- anyway, Megan looks stunning!!
It IS SO difficult keeping their weight down- HQ is fat again after all my efforts- but Megan looks good. And very very pretty.



Has anyone seen my mind?
Mar 18, 2002
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Wow! She's looking even more gorgeous, if that is possible!

Difficult to assess her weight from that angle, but she certainly isn't as fat as Dolly 'fat on a blade of grass' Daydream!

You're doing a fantastic job with her, well done:D


New Member
Jan 4, 2006
Gosh she looks stunning!:D :D

Isn't it great to get rid of the winter coat and get that lovely sheen through.

Her mane looks beautiful. Do you use mane and tail spray on it?

Great news re hacking and schooling = she is probably enjoying the varied routine.

Fantastic news that your daughter isn't afraid to ride Megan too - what a great girl (your daughter, that is).;)

Thx for the photo - more, more, more!




New Member
Oct 20, 2005
What a great picture , one extremely glossy , healthy and happy ( not to mention lucky :D ) horse. No idea if she's too fat - but there's daylight between her stomach and the ground so that seems about right to me:rolleyes:
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