Meet another possible - Charlie UPDATED: Charlie moves!


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Apr 30, 2010
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Things happen out of the blue, don't they?

Last night my phone went Ping! Then ping ping ping ping!

I looked and it was a text from my mate Suzi, whose mares used to share the field with my boys before she moved to Devon. She'd contacted a friend of hers in Devon to find out where said friend got her gorgeous and angelic youngster, only to find that friend was realising that she didn't have time for youngster and might be thinking about putting him on the market!

Needless to say friend of Suzi and I spoke today about her boy Charlie. Charlie's mum is a Highland x Cob who still works in the livery/school where he was bred. His dad was a big broad TB, hunter type, now sadly deceased after an accident in the field. Charlie is 15 months old, should make 15.1 maybe an inch more, and sounds fantastic.

He leads well and has been for walks around the village, where he has never seen anything to scare him. He always goes out alone, because his owner thinks he should know that horses who go out go out on their own, not in company,.He loads well, and when he was 8 months old loaded, travelled to Suzi's house, and stayed (stabled) overnight because it was Bonfire Night and there was a massive display next to his owner's stable. He was calm and happy throughout. He asked about the clippers yesterday when owner was clipping her riding horse, and had them touched all over him, and was chilled. He's stood on a tarp. He lifts his feet. I hope I'm going to be able to attach a couple of videos, one of him playing and one of him exploring the quad bike, which give an idea of his character.

Owner and I are very of the same mind about youngsters and horses and she says she won't think about advertising him or looking for anyone else as long as I'm interested, so we can take it slowly. I'll plan to go down and stay with Suzi and meet him, because owner and I agree that we need to "click" And I need to feel that he's not too big.

I'm not in love, but I'm in like... definitely in like....

Damn! How do I attach a movie?

1st pic is Charlie, 2nd is dad, 3rd is mum

1 IMG_4706.JPG Screenshot 2019-06-14 16.47.15.png Screenshot 2019-06-14 16.47.55.png


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Mar 15, 2008
I look at him and apart from the name suiting him, his expression says mischief.
I like him.


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May 18, 2009
He's gorgeous, you can certainly see the Highland in him, I think he's super! And a yes from me too. :)


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Jan 6, 2006
He's gorgeous! You need to like him as a person too though so I'll be interested to hear your reaction when you meet him.


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Mar 15, 2008
I didn't love mine straight off so I wouldnt pressure yourself.
I liked her, I felt a connection with her. It took a full year before I felt I could actually love her.
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