Mare has started being naughty


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Mar 30, 2018
My Welsh D has been snatching at the ground everytime we go out for a ride, but not in the school. I have several health problems and don't have the strength to pull her back up. She eventually brings her head back up but then tanks off for home with me trying to get her to stop. She is up to date with everything. A friend rode her who is stronger than me but she didn't play up once. Any tips please


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Nov 11, 2018
Difficult to answer with so little info. How long have you had her, how old is she, how long has she been doing this? So many things to factor in, like pain, an incident that may have set her off with this behaviour, or if she's relatively new, she may just be playing up etc etc. If you can fill in a few blanks, I'm sure you'll get some good advice on here. :)
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Hi welcome to NR :)

It would def be helpful to get some more details from you, but the first thing I thought of when reading your post is get teeth checked. When my mare has sharp bits she will start snatching down/forwards and get more resistant to the bit (aka tanky) and it's not all the time and I can ride her through it initially. I get her teeth done every year with Jabs but occasionally she's needed an extra touch up as she's got into her teens.
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