Loose horse- Shocked


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May 29, 2007
Essex england
I drive past my old yard everyday a couple of times, recently I have noticed one of the horses loose on the driveway{the driveway leads to a main 60mph rd with no gate}
I am shocked and disgusted cos this horse is walking around with no owner around, all it takes is to get spooked and run away.
How irresponsible can someone get, I know the horse has lived there for a while but when you drive past and see a loose horse its scary.
Who can I contact to complain-this horse to my knowlage isnt insured either!!:eek:

Kimmy C

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Jun 9, 2009
Canvey Island Essex England
Does anyone live on site? Not sure who you can complain to. Its utter madness not only for the horse but for drivers as it could cause a major accident. I suppose you could contact the police especially if there is a good chance the horse could stray onto the road. The police could then speak with the owner to tell him/her to see sense.


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May 29, 2007
Essex england
The horse isnt teathered, the owner legs it walk back from the paddock to the stables{i used to be at this yard} but now the owner isnt even supervising the horse!!
The horse is a an old horse too, 30yrs plus but still dosnt stop it from getting spooked.
I would say at a guess he was about 30-45 metres from the busy road


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Jul 14, 2007
Are you sure this Horse isn't escaping and the Owner isn't aware that
he is loose.

TBH If I drove past a Yard I knew and saw a Horse loose I would have
to turn round and go back to double check all was OK.

I know you say his Owner used to let him walk back up to the stables
under his own steam but surely the Owner would still be around supervising, maybe they are not aware.


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Nov 26, 2008
could you prepare a note to keep in your car, and the next time the horse is out, stop and fix it to the gatepost. pointing out your concern and worry for horse and the possibility of a road accident? they might not be aware- how could not, as the horse must be out or a gate ajar, or they might just be in cloud cuckoo land, and think it wont happen to their horse. had a situation which worried me once, where a horse used to step over a low garden gate and graze next to a busy road- spoke to the person about my concern, and the answer was something like"oh, he wont go anywhere"
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