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Apr 27, 2003
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Help! I'm having to work on my horse on the ground for a few weeks, but although I can just about manage to lunge her in the school, where the surface is deep sand, I'm not sure I can handle the long-lining advised, because she is very spooky at the moment (new grass and no riding!)

There isn't anyone I can ask for help at my yard with the long-lining, and although I've done a lot of ground work in the past, with both my first horse, and my current one, I'm nervous of tackling this particular exercise by myself, where she needs to be worked uphill to have any benefit.

I think I'm being a bit of a wus, to be honest, as I do have quite a lot of experience, but all that seems to have gone out of the window lately, and I'm concerned about her taking off, and the ropes will end up wrapping around her legs, or I won't be able to stop her snatching at the grass, and it will end up in a fight for control!

My mare has always been fairly laid-back in the past, so I'm really struggling to stay calm in the present circumstances, and thinking about asking one of the IH instructors to come out and help me. I learned to long-line from one of them some years ago now, but I'm not sure if they would agree just to come out once, to reafirm control and technique, and don't expect me to book on-going lessons?

Any help or advice you can offer, gratefully received?

Many thanks

Roseanne xxx


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Feb 20, 2008
My worst fear came true and my horse took off at great speed with 2 lines flapping and tangling round his legs, I posted on here and was told if they try and take off to drop one rein and heave round on the other.
Also start in an enclosed area!;) Not great advise;) sorry but just what i was told!
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