Loaning v Turning Away


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May 21, 2009
North Wales
I'm going to be studying Nursing in september, and I can't quite decide what to do for the best.
She's been out of work with a pelvic injury, she's made a full recovery and I've been bringing her back into work. My plan was to do a couple of local shows and, if she's ready, to finish the year off with a local xc comp. I would then turn her away during the winter and bring her back into work once the nights start getting lighter, compete a season, then rough her off again. continuing like that for the next 3-4 years whilst I'm studying.

My other option would be to loan her out. Her previous injury is highly unlikely to reoccur or cause any other problems, if I where to keep her we would compete with BE or BSJA, but I can imagine people being scepticle(sp???!!) about this.
I worry about her being sent back, as she is high maintenance when in work. She's quirky under saddle, and needs somebody who is capable of managing and riding through her 'moments'.
However, she is a fantastic little mare, I feel that she would be wasted whilst being out in the field.
We've had huge success in working hunter, and ridden show hunter. She is a true XC machine, flying everything you point her at. I've schooled her at 1m20/1m30 prior the accident and she has scope to go higher. She has amazing paces and produces some lovely lateral work. So she is a true all rounder and would be suitable for any type of competition home.

I've no objections to loaning her out, but I'm not sure about the risk of her being sent back. I wouldn't be in a position to welcome her back with open arms, I also wonder if people would hold the old injury against her making it difficult to loan her out?
If I loaned her out I wouldnt have the worry of going up everyday and getting all my work done, but I'd forever worry about if she's being looked after well enough etc

I've been offered a field to rent, which would mean I could drag my sisters horse along with me to keep my mare company. There are other horses in surrounding fields so she can stand and stare at them if my sister ever wants to ride out t'other one. I'm just not sure if I could cope wintering her out. I stress far too much about her!
If I turned her away atleast I know she's being well looked after, and I could still compete her over the summer.

I was hoping typing it out would make it a little bit clearer in my head, but typically, it has only made it worse!

Advice anyone?


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Aug 19, 2008
I feel for you, not an easy decision!

My thoughts are that she wouldn't be 'wasted' if turned away. My mare was turned away last winter while I recovered from an injury and has come back into work much better for the break, more interested and relaxed, while still nicely forward. I think this is especially true if you've been competing over summer. Didn't take too long to recover her previous condition either.

Are you going away to study? Could you find someone to ride/loan her where you keep her now, to keep her ticking over? That way you could keep an eye and know she is ok, while reducing your commitment to her. Might also help financially, if that's a consideration.

Good luck with whichever decision you make :)
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