Livery People you Meet along the way?


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Sep 14, 2009
Met my very BF, who has often driven me to distraction, but who I love to bits at a livery yard. We moved twice together, and now are moving at the same time but in different directions. Life takes you that way sometimes.

Am also having to leave my lovely retired livery couple who are also leaving the yard, and she is buying one of OH's and I's very good friends P2P'er. He trains and horse hasn't made the longer trip. She hates boring horses and this one fits the bill for her. They are away on hols at the moment so I am looking after their horse and have just had a text chat with her about general stuff. They are also moving yards around the same time as me - they did ask if I would move with them, but the diesel for a 10 mile one way trip in their direction is proving to be a killer for me.

I do find it amazing sometimes the horsey people you meet and gel with along the way, and the others that just aren't the same.

How many of you still keep in touch with people you have met in yards along the way?


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Mar 15, 2008
I am not in touch with my hacking buddy of seven years, she isn't into horses now, career etc. Our paths don't really cross.
People come and go I suppose, we have a new livery only seen once so far.
Occasionally bump into a lady I shared yard with but I find people move forwards, once they change yards it all changes and they meet new people etc.


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Mar 2, 2006
Ummm I keep in touch with my BF in Cardiff...slightly cheating we were BF's before getting into horses (she got me into them) were on the same yard for years until I moved up here.

I keep in touch with a few other people from the last yard in Cardiff too.

I keep in touch with a couple of people from my first yard up here, mainly by FB, but I sometimes meet up with some of them...we all moved off that yard within a few months, all to different yards!

One girl from my first yard up here ended up buying a horse from my current YO and keeps him at my current yard. Originally she was exercising him for my YO, then have up her old loan pony to purchase the big boy.

It's interesting to think that none of us would actually be friends as we are very different from each other but due to being on the same yard we remained friends!
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May 27, 2007
I still ride out and keep in touch with my BF from my last yard.

She is great to stay in touch with, really laid back and great for chill out hacks or something a little faster, known her for 2yrs now.

Her cob has a mellowing effect on Harvey too.

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Oct 10, 2004
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When I first got back into horses after a break from uni, I went to a yard as I found a horse to share. I made some great friends and some 12 years later we are all still in touch. We don't meet up that often, but they are always there for me and will always be my friends.


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Mar 22, 2013
Im very much the keep in touch kind of person with good friends as think hard to come by espec in the horsey world which can be a very bitchy place :unsure:

I am still in touch by fb and texts with people from first yard from nearly 6 years ago and 2 I meet up with regularily and few others once a year.

Since leaving my 2nd yard on sat Im meeting two girls separately tomorrow and plan to see them on regular basis and we have been on fb and texting loads in last few days.

Its hard when go in different directions but its nice to at least text to say hi and how are you. Ive one friend from the first yard that texts me nearly every day lol :biggrin:


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I don't keep in touch - sonetimes wish I had made more effort. Posted on here a while back about a chance meeting with fellow livery - it had been 8 years since we had last met!!! I don't see anybody from old yard now as it closed. I used to go back there to catch up often and have something to eat in the cafe, but sadly all that stopped when they shut.


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Mar 23, 2012
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I keep in touch with a few, most I have been happy to see the back of if I am honest:giggle: I expect they feel the same about me.

I don't see any one on a regular basis. As we all keep our horses far and wide we just tend to meet up for lunch and occasional visits.


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Apr 15, 2012
I am still FB "friends" with quite a few people from my old yard. I have to say though, I'm questioning deleting a few of them as there still seem to be ongoing arguments up at the yard and seeing them on FB is getting a bit annoying. Some people up there really aren't who I thought they were to be honest. I thought I got on with some of them but when I left I realised that most of them only spoke to me because I was there rather than for any other real reason!

I am still friends with a group of people I met on here a few years ago.

I'm friends with quite a few RC people and all the people at my new yard are nice. I moved with one person from my old yard (by complete coincidence).
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