Liverpool driving bit which way.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
After reading a thread on another forum. Im now confused as to which way the reversible bit goes. I want to drive kind and soft, so does the smooth side go in first or the serrated side.

I know about rein attachments and understand where to attach those its just which way in the mouth.
Umm good question ! I've just had tl go and have a look at my driving bridle and my horses bit doesn't have a serrated edge, he has a ported Liverpool with copper rollers.i would imagine the flat edge is down when in the bridle ?
I havent got my bridle to hand but after seeing a post it got me questioning which way mine is and if thats why im still having head tossing. Im thinking it because Ive got it set on harsh. Wish I could find a suitable video to demonstrate and explain.
I would presume the serrated edge goes in the mouth first facing the back, as the reins engage and rotate the bit this would turn the smooth side down onto the tounge and bars, I dont know for sure thats just my logic thinking about the action.
Smooth side to the tongue, unless you find you need more power. ON plain cheek that's the softest setting.

The Liverpool only starts to have any poll action on rough cheek, then more as you take the rein down the slots.
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