Little Legs had her brave pants on today!!


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Feb 27, 2015
North East, UK
I have shared this because I'm just super proud of my little legs and I'm all smiley. This was a huge step for her tonight.

My youngest rides a pony that belongs to my friend's daughter and she has always been nervous to canter her due to the fact she's a games pony and my daughter has seen how fast she can go. I have tried explaining that the pony will only go as fast as her rider makes her and whilst she can go up a gear for a more confident rider, she will look after a not so confident one but my daughter has always been adamant she can't do it and refused, even being reduced to tears. For that reason, I've not pushed and forced it as I think if I push too hard, I'll get a negative result. For the past few months, we've not done much apart from plod around..... Until today. Someone clearly had their brave pants on today because you could see from the offset that she was raring to go. The trot was going really well and you could see her feeling confident so she asked to have a little canter..... and she was away. One canter turned into four and she is loving it. I am so proud and feel like we have turned a little corner with her riding.

Really pleased for her. :) She just needs to tweak the canter and learn to steer while cantering and stuff but that will come with time I'm sure. :)



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Oct 6, 2016
Aw look at her go. She didn't panic when the canter started and kept the pony going too which is amazing! They look really good together. Xx
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