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Sep 29, 2004
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and better

My RI left at the beginning of December, and after much to-ing and fro-ing, my clas has been assigned to the yard's head girl. Scarey...

The first thing she did was put me on a different horse. Yep, another pony, but one of my long time exes, delightful Max. He pulls you along, if you let him, but I suddenly found I had the confidence not to let him do that.

And in my privates on Fridays I have Sara, new instructor, who is still waiting to do her stage 1. This would normally bother me, but she is fantastic.... she is only 21, but has a lovely lovely positive attitude, so she has even got me jumping, and on Boris, who is more than pony sized, a big step up for nervous me these days.

Pepsi still is there, being ridden by little children with no fear. I guess after both new RI's saw me sitting a quivering wrech (my fault...) on top of him, that they have taken a different route...

And daughter is still bringing on lovely little (backed last January) SB, who she hopes to compete in sc this summer, so she's a happy girl too....

I have been a little reluctant to post this in case the luck ran out, but it seems to be going well.

Best wishes to all, Anne
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