Laminae picture (another pic added)


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I think this picture is incredible, so thought I would share it. It's a macro picture taken by Linda Harris.

You are looking at the bottom of the foot, the black on the right is the pigmented outer hoof wall, then the inner un pigmented hoof wall or water line and then the white line which is yellow and finally a tiny bit of sole.

Do you see the fingers of the laminae between the white line (when laminae grow out and die off they become the white line) and the inner hoof wall, how it looks like velcro fingers :)

And the little dots in the inner hoof wall, those are the ends of the tubules that make up hoof, we're just seeing the ends of them (like looking at the end of a straw). They're also in the outer hoof wall, they just can't be seen in this pic.
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