Just an update on Ted and Freer. Think its the end now for my poor boy..


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Jan 28, 2010
Bolton, Lancashire

Thought i should come update whats happened with my babies. Well, RSPCA visited the yard and nothing has been done, ive exhausted every option and i just cant get around this anyway. Shes got away with it and theres nothing i can do.

Freer's leg is not great, its become very swollen over night vet has been out today to them again, she will be fine its just going to take time now, it keeps getting infection in it but im not too worried about her, shes sound on it its just getting the wound to heal now.

Ted, my gorgeous boy, is not great. His legs are in a bad way, hes lame on both back legs and they are so sowllen. Hes so different at the moment, really behaving himself, no pulling faces or biting over the door just like a different horse. But this doesnt change the fact hes in pain :(

vet has seen him today and is concerned with how swollen his legs are and that he wont let us touch them. She said hes going to be on bute now for life and even then he'll still always be in pain.

Hes been through so much, ive only had him a year but its been like a lifetime. Ive done everything i can hes had 2 major injuries this year not to mention all he's been through in his years of racing, ive tried my best to get him through it but i think its time now i need to let him go. He'll never be sound on his legs and not only can i just not afford to keep up with treatment for life when i know he'll never come right, but i dont want him being in pain. What quality of life will he have.

I cant stop crying, i dont know how im going to do this but ive made the decision to have him PTS. This is breaking my heart, ive never lost a horse before and ive never bonded with one quite like i have with Ted. I love him so much.

I know people will think im horrible for having him PTS but realistically i have no other option and its been the hardest decision ive ever had to make.

I cant write anymore at the moment im too upset, but just thought i should update you all after you was all so supportive with my last thread.



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Apr 1, 2008
County Durham
Oh no :( I really feel for you :( I have seen your threads about your horses and I know you love them dearly. I respect your decision and believe that its the right one, but I know that won't make it any easier for you. Thinking of you :( xxxx

Roxy's Mum

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Jul 21, 2009
Aw hun I'm so sorry to hear this. You've done absolutely everything you can for Ted and we all know that - I've been following your threads on his progress.

Only you know what to do for the best but whatever you do we'll support you.

Sending a big hug your way xxxxx


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Jul 27, 2009
So sorry to hear this, but it does sound like the right decision for Ted. No one who loves their horse would want it to be in pain for ever. Hugs to all three of you.


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Apr 10, 2010
I am just so sorry for you, I cannot even begin to imagine what a hard decision this is for you. *hugs*


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Oct 12, 2008
wonderful wiltshire!
Again, like the others I've followed your threads and know how you've battled on. All I can say is, follow your heart. Its quality of life that counts and you know what Ted would and would not be happy with. I know its a differnet situation, but I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let our adored pony 'go' in Jan of this year. She'd had a tough and hard life before coming to us aged 20 and was riddled with laminitus. She gave my lad her all and we gave her 3 fantastic years but I knew that when the 'time came' we owed her much mor than to keep her alive just because we loved her. It totally broke our hearts, but 6 months on, despite the pain, I have no regrets and I know she'd thank us..... follow YOUR heart, it may hurt you, but it may take away Teds pain...

My thoughts are with you, and you will, what ever, make the right decision x


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Jul 31, 2005
I've just caught up with your situation and I think it's appalling how your YO behaved, you poor hunny. So sorry to hear that Ted is not recovering well. The right decision is not always the easiest but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you ended his suffering. It will take you a long time to come to terms with all that's happened and I'm disgusted that your YO can get off scott-free.

You have my deepest condolences for what you feel you have to do shortly...

Hugs xxxx


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Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
I do sometimes wonder why we have the RSPCA when they have no real power to do much! but I know we could never really do without them either :(

I'm so sorry to hear about Ted, and can't begin to imagine how you're feeling *big hugs* and Ted will be happy and pain-free galloping over rainbow bridge xx


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Mar 19, 2007
Am going to repeat what others have already said, you know your boy and if you think that he will always be in pain and not have a quality of life then it's prob best to let him go - he's been through so much in his life already

My heart goes out to you - its an awful decision to have to make - I know as I had to make the same decision for Stumpy (sons pony) last September.

Look after yourself and enjoy the time you have left with your boy.


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
So so sorry to hear about freer and ted.


I think you've done so so so much for ted from what ive read about you both in previous posts.

You've done everything you possibley could for him. And you shoud be incredably proud of yourself.
So many people would of given up on him after a week.
Youve gave him a year of happiness,feeling loved & cared for. So you have absolutley nothing to feel guilty about.

I think putting him to sleep would be the best option giving the situation right now. Least he can go to sleep nice & peacefully knowing he is loved to bits.

Try not to be to upset,you've given him the best ever home possiable for the past year. What more could anyone ask for?

Please keep us updated xxxxx


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May 27, 2007
Feel really sorry for you, not a lot else I can say.

however have you thought about taking the YO to the small claims court. The police and RSPCA etc will see it as a 'civil matter' but as you have photo's and if you can prove it happened while the horses where in your YO's care (she has a duty of care to them as they are on her yard as liveries) then you should be able to take her to the small claims court. I would, if I was you claim for the vet treatment to both horses, the cost of putting to sleep if thats what you decide to do and a sum for emotional damage she has caused you and for the devaluation of your filly.

Really hope you do decide to take your YO to court as she damn well deserves it.


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Apr 25, 2003
whatever you decide to do is your decision to make

my only thought it that you should slow down and give it a bit more time. the recent injuries are recent, vets tend to be pessimistic, and if he were mine, i would just give it a tiny bit longer.

but i can't see his legs and see how he is, so please do what you feel is best. my only thought is once they are dead they are gone, and you may just find that in a week it looks better.

please don't be offended and no one else please jump at me - i have had to have two of mine pts - cancer and colic - where we absolutely had no choice. that is easy. the marginal ones are the hard ones.

hugs, feel for you.


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Jan 15, 2010
I'm so sorry to hear this.

Only you know what is best to do and I am sure that you will make the right decision.

You will always have the support of NR



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Nov 13, 2007
So sorry to hear this. It must be incredibly hard. It's totally disgusting that your YO can get away with it. Big hugs to you.


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Jun 1, 2009
Oh hun, so sorry to hear about your troubles and i for one would never blame you for having Ted put to sleep. If i were you i would do exactly the same thing, especially if he is going to be in constant pain for the rest of his life, it just wouldn't be fair.

We are all thinking of you and know how much your horses mean to you and how much you love them.

Take care and lots of hugs coming your way :(


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Jan 28, 2010
Bolton, Lancashire
whatever you decide to do is your decision to make

my only thought it that you should slow down and give it a bit more time. the recent injuries are recent, vets tend to be pessimistic, and if he were mine, i would just give it a tiny bit longer.

but i can't see his legs and see how he is, so please do what you feel is best. my only thought is once they are dead they are gone, and you may just find that in a week it looks better.

please don't be offended and no one else please jump at me - i have had to have two of mine pts - cancer and colic - where we absolutely had no choice. that is easy. the marginal ones are the hard ones.

hugs, feel for you.

I understand what you are saying. But this hasnt been a quick decision, i was going to have him PTS when it first happened but i gave it some time to think about it. Infact i considered it when the first injury at the beginning of the year happened but i wasnt giving up on him that soon..

To be honest its not the wounds from what happened thats the problem at the moment, the vet doesnt think its those that are causing all this pain in his legs so to find out what it is then i would need to start having tests done and its awful to bring it down to money but i cant afford that, ive already got bills over £2000 for his treatment this year. Not to mention then paying livery, food, trimming etc for a horse that will never do anything other than go out in a field and still be in pain.

I cant afford to keep him and pay for treatment/tests so i could leave the treatment and carry on as we are but hes in pain so in my eyes thats cruel.

It wouldnt be a problem if i had my own land he could live happily as a companion but i pay £600 a month to keep 3 horses on livery and thats before ive paid their food etc so its just impossible for me with 2 kids aswel.

If i knew at the end of it he would come right, be pain free and have some quality of life then i would struggle and find the money to keep him going. But to struggle for him when he's never going to be right wouldnt be a realistic option for me when i have two children to care for aswel. If it was just me on my own i wouldnt care the horses come before myself but i have to think about my children.

I have this morning phoned so many charities and rescue centers but none of them will take him so its not like ive come to this decision before trying all other options. Its breaking my heart im going to miss him so much.

So, i am now looking at crematoriums for him, i want his ashes back with me.

Ive never lost a horse before i dont know whats going to happen. Do they just do it on the yard in front of everybody? :(:(


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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
So sorry for your situation - its not easy but at the end of the day no one can or has the right to judge you - you must do what you feel is the Best for your horse and yourself, we have been there and have never regretted the decision we made, be strong and true to yourself and him and you know whatever decision you make will be the right one for you both.
We had Josh injected at home in his field, cremated and then buried him and planted a tree - as we see the tree growing we remember him and smile.

They will give you a choice of disposal, how and where is really up to you subject to what the yard will allow if you are in one.
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