Jumped my first gate in 2 years! Vid!


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Jul 31, 2008
So I have not jumped a gate since the day I broke my back 2 years ago. I didn't break my back at the gate mind you, it was actually at some planks! I haven't jumped a gate since as I just haven't ridden anything I've trusted enough!
But anyway, I was schooling my lad over a few of our xc fences and he was jumping so well that J told me to give the gate a go! I wasn't sure, but the gate is only propped up with a teeny bit of frayed string on one side so if you hit it, it falls like a showjump. J reassured me and I manned up, and came round to it and my lad popped straight out over the top of it!! Gave it plenty of room as well! I sort of flew up like a sack of spuds so I looked useless but he gave it plenty of ping!! Was absolutely chuffed with him, cannot believe how much he has grown up this summer! Not a hope in hell would I have chanced it last year with him, but he is actually turning out to be a better horse than Rambo was I reckon and Rambo was a serious horse to jump! Cannot wait to tackle some hedges this season on my grey kid! This is the video of us over the gate, good horse, sack the jockey!!


And I also have a video of him jumping our ditch. You can't really see it in the vid, but I would say the ditch is about 4ft wide and 3ft deep so a nice and inviting one. My boy is a proper horse to jump a ditch, he is so clever and often ends up being the one taking the lead when out hunting over them. So it was nice to know that he was still as easy going as ever with them! Here is the ditch video.


I am the luckiest girl in the world to be riding this boy, he is so talented and makes me smile every time I ride him. I have had him on flatwork bootcamp in prep for sidesaddle and he is going very sweetly. He has the nicest canter ever, you can really sit to him and bounce him along, there is just so much energy and power in him. I just wanted to share about the gate as I am so proud of myself for doing it, its taken 2 years but I did it! Couldn't ask for a better horse to do it on either! :wub:


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Mar 22, 2013
Jeez I am so impressed with the gate video :biggrin:

Its amazeballs and what an amazing boy he is :dance:

So chuffed for you that you did it and enjoyed it :wink:


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Mar 15, 2008
I love the sound effects :biggrin:
I have always wanted to jump a gate, they just look like you should pop over. Nearest is a horrid white one in sj ring.


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Mar 15, 2008
Thanks he is a happy boy! He puts up with me being useless which is always a help!

I wouldn't sack the jockey or feel you were useless, I am unlikely to be able to jump it better. Unless you were hoping for a plop off photo at that height. :biggrin:


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Jan 19, 2005
I cant watch !!! :skull:

I'd have a back protector on jumping if Id broken my back! but thats just me, you have no fear :skull:

That horse is a cracker ! :wub:
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