jump cross comp report & pics


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Jan 15, 2010
today was my first outing with Charlie.... and I've found it difficult at times having lost confidence after my fall at Easter on Finn. So it's taking a while to get my nerve back up and also couple with not knowing how a new horse would behave I opted for a 2ft JumpCross.

now Charlie's previous owners had him more bitted up that I do-and ive found at home and out hacking he is a total dude and very obedient. However I discovered today that going XC at least I am going to have to bit up as well,lol:doh::gasp:

he behaved like a star at the venue ;D He was really good for me tacking up , doing studs etc. then we went to warm up and i felt pretty nervous . There was a WH course set up we were allowed to warm up over and after 10 mins or so i relaxed as he was being fab!! :) Just nicely forward enough and keen ;D and giving me some lovely jumps :)

So off we went to the start box and he was a little bit edgy, but nothing bad. We got set off and he cantered sweetly and popped the little xpole that was number 1... then after that jump the canter just seemed to get sooooo long!! :eek: there was a sharp turn left and a slope coming up and i couldnt shorten the canter so came back to trot, popped number 2 and then he bombed off :eek: we were meant to go for a gap in a wall into the woods, but he locked onto the wall and i couldnt pull him up :eek: I got a bit of a fright as he was suddenly so strong, and i actually had to haul him to a standstill with his face in a tree :-[ We continued on at trot down the slope and popped the next few, and went though the water fine, if a bit sticky going in.... jumped the fence out of water brilliantly and then galloped up a steep bank. Came back to me at the top, and i was able to shorten him nicely for a double with 1 stride... and he stayed nice for me over the next 3 :) Then we took one on a corner and brought it down, and he ran on down a grassy slope and bombed off again :eek: The reins seemed to be being pulled out of my hands i just could not slow him up and steer! I managed to get him pointing at the 2nd lot of water and he went through and then galloped up the following hill, i knew there was a skinny after the top of the hill, but i had no brakes whatsoever and somehow found myself with long reins again... He flew the skinny but we were now back in the open field and had to follow a twisty route for the next 5 fences. He was sooo strong i just couldnt steer him round the 2nd corner, lost a stirrup and tried to pull up and found i couldnt !! Hauled on left rein and circled about 6 times before eventually the bushes stopped him, and i let out a yelp as i thought i was coming off :( Regained my stirrup but after that i was really worried about letting him go on, and so held him back for last few and then let him go through the finish.

I am soooooo glad i only did the 2ft class. i didnt have to think about the jumps, but by goodness i was thinking about the rest of it ::) We jumped both 2ft6 jokers as well which was good -and we came 5th.

So, all positive and i am really pleased, and some good lessons learned. Oh and Mr BlueWicked was there himself so was having snuggles with him :wub:

some pics

warming up



on the course

jumping a joker






*there are vids to come at some point as well...

Fabio's Filly!

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Oct 30, 2008
ooh, well done both of you!!! I also found that problem with Fab for some of yesterday.....his normal jumping bit is no good for brakes when doing jumpX! Think we need a few more training days before we're ready for competition though!!

Lovely pics! x


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Oct 21, 2002
Pic's are fab - well done for getting out and trying it

It will all come together, wee learning curve still but each time progressing together :dance:
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