Jess is certainly back to her old self


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I've been letting them have half hour on grass each day, then I go and walk them off (no headcollars) and put the electric fence back across after them, this has been fine for the last 10 days.

Yesterday afternoon she doubled back and flew at and past me (she's not one you can play chicken with, she will go over you when in this mood).

Today we had a full tantrum, charging about, acrobatics, ducking, diving. So I shoo the boys out and I could see she was torn, to follow them or eat the grass, she chose the latter so I went back for her, again she spun and flew in my direction, I did the ducking and diving this time :p I cut around where she stopped and opened the other end of the track to send her that way (it's a complete circuit but one end was closed off), she very begrudgingly went after threatening to come back a few times.

Then I see the penny drop, that sassy cow realises the other end is probably still open! She took off flat out to do the 3 sides of the field to get there, I took off flat out cutting across the short side to try and beat her but I didn't have a hope in hell! :p

Then the boys joined in :p Dan took the lead, Hank on his heels and Jess followed as they passed her all flat out, but they chose to go the already closed way around. But you know Dan doesn't care about little things like fences, twang goes the lower string, Jess was just following by that point, twang goes the top string :eek:

So we've compromised, they can now get down under the willows, which they all love, but not to the really grassy bit :D and it will be a good few days before they get an extension!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Jess and Hank are normally really good and don't fuss for grass, but when she anticipates it or doesn't want to come off it she can get a bit of a handful!
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Those willows are their absolute favorite place to hang out (apart from when it really windy and I have my very own whomping willow ;))
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