I've just seen myself riding for the 1st time!


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Aug 4, 2009
As the title says.. husband video taped my lesson.

Im so surprised, pre video i thought my walk and trot were fine but canter and canter transitions were probably going to look messy.

BUT actually it was almost the opposite. My canter looked not too bad, transitions only looked messy if i tried too hard to get canter and didn't get it straight away. Was advised to just sit and expect to get canter and it was much much better.

However my rising trot, something i have felt confident doing for years, looked awful! I rise far too much out the saddle, it looks really exagerated and rubbish, i almost feel quite embarassed at how bad it looked. I don't feel like i rise much but clearly i do. I looked like a complete beginner. Will definitely be working on that :eek:

Also my boobs were joogling all over the place, not a good look at all and really must invest in some kind of bombproof bra :D


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Jul 22, 2009
Overtown, Lanarkshire
I hate watching myself ride lol. For the reasons you have described. It is too good at showing us our bad points.

You can learn so much watching a video or even looking at pictures.

One of the good points about a body protector being so tight is that it holds everything down lol.



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Jul 18, 2005
North west
Hahahaha... I did it for my A Level PE... but then decided that I was good enough to not need to watch myself back again...EVER :p so therefore due to my perfectness I shall not have to force someone to get cold and wet to do it :p

(Unfortunatley I have a sneaky feeling I may have to when we finally have a school and we have issues in getting away from the gate :rolleyes:)


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Jul 22, 2009
Overtown, Lanarkshire
I have a Derby House one (which I ashamedly admit I rarely wear, but it helped during JumpX). I havent tried on one yet that doesnt feel as if it will suffocate you, but they do stop the bouncing.

Sports Bras, I forgot about them lol!!!!


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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
What a fab hubby you have - I know I'd probably criticise myself to no end but it would be nice to see!!
As for the boob thing - I'm a member of that club, I take it to the extreme though, two bras - no bounce. Would love a back protector as that sounds pretty good for keeping them at bay but I don't think I'd get one that fitted!!


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Nov 26, 2008
oh yes, i remember watching a video of me in a lesson! every little thing seemed magnified to me- horrible to watch, bouncy boobs, i looked visibly knackered by the effort (probably was!) but have seen it since after a several year gap, and its not too bad at all. so just to say, dont be hard on yourself, if thats what your doing, and just concentrate on sorting out one thing your not totally happy with, because probably you are magnifying every little detail ( well i was anyway)


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Oct 29, 2007
Brighton, East Sussex
I have had a video and I had the boob thing going as well. I was wearing a sports bra but it had past its use by date by the looks of the video!:eek:

I now have a body protector and don't have to worry about what bra I have on. Nothing moves under that thing! Mine is an Aero something. I was surprised how comfy it is actually - once you get used to it.


Video as much as you can, you have so many surprises.

I once felt very wound up inside and my head was racing, doing ground work and on the video I looked so slow and calm and pony was positively bored, you could see it plain as daylight.

My daughters horse stopped midway over a double, and it was only later on video we saw she lost her balance and horse stopped and put her head up to catch her, something she didnt realise at the time.

I also saw on photographs, I tied his left siderein into his 12ft leadrope that I tie round his neck when out hacking in case I need it. Poor pony never said a word we had a wonderful hack, and it was only when I saw the pics that I realised what I had done.

So charge up everything you have and happy viewing! :)


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I loved it when OH used to tape me riding on our old yard, it boosted my confidence. Why? Because when I actually saw that I wasn't perched like a wobbly squawk on top of the horse and that I actually looked quite secure, I was well pleased and it spurred me on! Whenever I reach a real confidence low I dig out the old mobile which he taped me on and watch. I always feel better knowing that yes, I CAN canter and I CAN jump!!!!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Just wanted to add; bodyprotectors are marvellous for strapping down norks - sports bras on the whole are pretty useless and I've tried a few in my time!! Plus I feel ultra confident wearing the bp - its my safety blanket (literally)


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Mar 8, 2007
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Isn't it brilliant! I've got a cracking DVD of me and a friend hooning round-TBH, I wasn't too bothered about anything but staying on as the ex-racer I was riding took off and was loving it, as was I! I get watched most times I ride and everyone is very free with advice, which I've come to accept and appreciate-big yard, lots of people and ideas/experience!


Jul 4, 2009
Bakewell, Derbyshire
cinammontoast;2481979I get watched most times I ride and everyone is very free with advice said:
OMG! That would kill me :D

Also, I was gonna say that I don't have the boob problem given I am very small, but I do actually feel really sore after doing loads of sitting trot. Do other small chesties get that too?

And... What happened to my quote? What did I do wrong?


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Mar 8, 2005
Sydney Australia
Once you get over the embarrassment of watching yourself on the computer or TV screenm, it really is a usefuly tool.

I took my last pony to a dressage clinic and OH videod it for me, it was really useful to have it to look back on.

As others have said, great for those times when you think you are totally crap but then you look back and you are not too bad at all.
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