Is it Idiot's Day today? - scary hack!


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Jul 16, 2003
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Decided to wheel the Angel pony out for a hack this afternoon. Now, we have to ride on the roads for 5-10 mins to get onto the bridleway. We do this every time we hack which is almost daily. Pony is definitely a seasoned and safe road user, and so am I.

First ...

Huge tractor with very squeaky, noisy and MASSIVE metal trailer (those things they fill with grain) come haring down the road (a steep blind bend, I hasten to add!). Managed to get him to stop so we could pass, but the lovely driver decided to step on the accelerator whilst we were still passing him :facepalm: just as well Angel is the sensible type ... most horses are not!

Then ...

We hit the bridle way!

I hear loud bangs from not far away. Turns out someone is shooting. Fair enough, but how about giving it a rest when there is a hi viz clad rider and pony very close by and you have just watched said pony take a sideways leap into a field!!!

Later ... we're back out on the road!

Again, loud noise, getting closer ... it's two of those REALLY loud motocross type motorbikes (with the high mudguards, you know what I mean), complete with stoopid yoofs tearing down the blind bend (btw this is a 30mph zone, they were doing about 50!). I signal to ask them to slow down. They did not. Even bombproof Angel was a bit freaked out by that point! Had I been on Appley, she could have easily freaked out and slipped (steep hill, blind bend ....).

ALmost home now!

COming up to where we need to cross 40mph road to get back into the yard. Car literally cuts us up and squeezes in in front. not good!

then, the car behind drives up so close behind angel (who is impatient to cross at the best of times!) that his bl*y bumper is now touching her tail. I wave and wave ... trying to get flowing traffic to stop and let us pass PLEASE. a load of cars just look at me and keep driving :frown: meanwhile 'bumperman' behind is impatiently revving his engine ....


sorry, had to vent!



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Jun 12, 2009
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Arent some drivers just utter idoits :banghead:

Can they wait half a minute and wait until its safe to over take...ooooooh no they have to push past because they are in that much of a rush.

They dont seem to realise how dangerous there actions are, one bad move and it could kill rider & horse, then they would be sorry!

On the plus side it sounds like Angel was a total star, well done! :dance:

I can totally emphise with the traffic thing though, our yard is on a 50 very big fast road which we go on at least 2 times a week, people go past us at 60-70 :eek:


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Jul 16, 2003
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your road sounds even scarier than ours!!

weird thing is, they're usually ok around here. at least in the week because it's mostly locals then. weekends can be a different story as people drive past the yard to get to eg. the football stadium, into town and whatnot.

today was something else!

thank god I took angel, not appley! still trying to keep the road a positive place with polite people on it for appley!



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Apr 20, 2003
Sounds like a horrible road!

Scariest moment I had is that a car squeezed through a gap between my horse and a bus just as my horse spooked at a bus stop, I refuse to go that way now and stick to the horribly muddy bridleway.


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Sep 30, 2003
Sadly I think you've had a day when you think someone has put a contract out on you,don't know what gets into people at all. Do wonder if they just don't get up early enough so spend the rest of the day doing everything at high speed.
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