Introductions here please!

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Twinkz,
I’ve been out of horses for over 10 years sadly due to things out of my control. I’ve had a rough few years (haven’t we all) so I decided I not getting any younger and if I don’t do it now I’ll never do it so I got a halter broken yearling colt that’s a half bred (Gypsy cob x Trotter) called Brian. I plane to drive him when he’s old enough, as I used to work with horses I want to do this one my way instead of how I was paid to do them so he will be very hairy and live out the majority of the time. Look forward to reading your posts.
Hello and welcome :)
Hi, my name is Ellie. i have been riding for 13 years. I am 13yrs old and I have a 15.2hh dun arab x welsh d. i am 5"6 so my horse is good height for me.
however 4 weeks ago i had a little 13hh exmoor pony that i had broken as a wild horse on the moor. she was 11 and the most incredible pony i had ever known, i was jumping her 4 foot and she cleared it so easily, I mean. SHE IS ONLY 13HH!!! i wouldn't have jumped her any higher than 3 feet. but she took it so easily without any struggle that i let her jump 4 feet. one day, sadly, she had a heart attack in her field whilst happily grazing and died. i will never forget her but i am at the moment starting training with my 15.2hh dun gelding Benji. i need to break him, train him, do A LOT of groundwork with him and teach him dressage and jumping. he really is stunning though.
i don't want to be arrogant or boastful but i would think that i am a very confident rider as i have broken 3 horses and am breaking Benji at the moment.
i previously have done the flying change (12 in a row), piaffe/passage and pirouette in dressage. jumped 4 foot in show jumping and jumped a 3 1/2 foot tall, 3 foot wide cross country jump.

i do not want to come across as at all boastful, big headed or spoilt but i just thought i would be as honest as i could about my ability to ride.

so... that is my introduction, i am looking forward to reading your introduction.

love Ellie Equestrian.
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I have been around NR for over 7 years, ridden for over half a century and for the last 20 years run my own riding school.

Previously I was an accountant working in London ...boring but good way to make money to have lots of horses. :D

As well as my schoolies I have a welshman who is certainly not the 'retirement plod' I envisaged and a sensible cob who works in the RS, hack out and hunts.
hey. are you a christian? i am. so would love to get in touch and know a bit more about your lovely horses.
love Ellie Equestrian
this is Benji. would love to see yours.


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Hello all! 🤗
I’m Michelle, I’ve been a member previously some years ago and think I stopped visiting after a pretty horrific time with my horses, (I lost two unexpectedly within 6 weeks of each other in not very nice but unrelated ways. ) but for the life of me can’t sign in or even remember my old user name (think it was something to do with one of my ponies Torro 🤷‍♀️) or have access to the old email so just rejoined yesterday.
I have a “new” last winter horse, in fact I think I have 2 new since my last visit. The first, an ex racer called Uni who’s I’ve managed to break pretty seriously already 🤦‍♀️ Hence buying Ziggy and hopefully getting going again 🤞
I’m not competitive but never say never! Like hacking and lessons etc when I’m able.
I recognise a few user names but don’t really remember much so look forward to getting to know everyone. :)
Possibly these
Possibly these
It was just Toz then!
Bubbles is still going strong, I think he will be one of those around forever.
Barney I lost to laminitis, just couldn’t get on top of it and his pedal bones rotated in both fronts.
Lovely little Oz I found in the field with a broken leg, this was a massive shock.
Jake, I still have but he’s retired now and we are approaching time with him too sadly 😥 he has lots of issues that seem to have conflicting management. He’s currently pretty good though so I’ve held off slightly.
It’s nice seeing those photos, I’ve not got them on my phone or anywhere.
Not the very best photo but as it’s the two together. These are the two latest.
Uni on the left. 12 now TB who sadly we think has arthritis in his neck with possible spinal impingment. He’s currently turned away til August/September when I’m to get back on him and see how he is.
Ziggy is 10 and I bought him this winter. He’s quite a character. I’m really hopeful this is a special forever horse. We are taking things slowly!


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