Info about free schooling please!!


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Jul 25, 2004
I want to have a go at it, so any helpful hints?
And what size of arena do you recommend?


Nov 15, 2004
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I free school mine on occasion, and expect them to obey my voice commands as if I was lunging.

Just letting them run around and around if of no benefit except a little exercise.

I walk trot and canter mine on command and they know to change the rein when asked etc.

As for the size of the school well it really depends on what you have access to, ours is 90 x 60 feet, not sure what that works out in metres.


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Jul 25, 2004
Thank you for your replies - so how do you give your command to change the rein?


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Dec 7, 2002
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free schooling is really good if the horse is penned up-although mine cant be free schooled anymore as I have an outdoor school and he jumps the fence!!! the last yard i did it a lot but had to boot him up etc as he was pretty whoopee at times!!! will try to attach a pic of him enjoying his run!!


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Jul 25, 2004
Aw, bless him - he looks as though he is listening to you - look at his inside ear!
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