Inflatable Air Jacket/Body Protectors (Robinsons)


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Aug 10, 2009
County Durham
I defiantly woulnt need one now because all I'm doing is flatwork so I'm not even wearing a BP but I wad just thinking about these the other day, if I ever did get to start doing cross country above local level I think they'd be quite useful. The only problem with them is if you forget to unclip the wire thingand I blows up whenyour getting off.:redcarded:
The point two ones look fab, as soon as I win the lottery I am going to buy one for my son, and then one for me.

The robinsons ones look HIDEOUS:redcarded: And they are not even that much cheaper than the point two ones. And since the point two are patented, how well do the robinsons rip-offs work?! I usually avoid brand names on principle, but in this case I think original is best, by a looooong way!

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Oct 10, 2004
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I don't like the Robinsons one at all, but if I had a spare £499 laying around, then I might consider getting an original. I don't do much cross country, but I think that I would swap my body protector for the air jacket when riding in the school. But, it's not going to happen anytime soon!


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Oct 13, 2004
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Personally, I'd be wary of imitations where these are concerned, the POint Two one is proven and endorsed by quite a few reliable top riders. I'm not knocking Robinsons own brands, but it is ok and such for jods and boots, but for a safety product quite another. I wear my Rodney Powell bp most of the time riding, I just feel safer in it and it has given me my mojo back! The air jackets would worry me a little as if you pull the Lanyard by mistake it will go off, and would prob spook my horse!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 15, 2005
Not that I ride across country(!!!!) but I wouldn't be putting a price on safety and would go for the Point2 rather than "own brand." Oli Townend reckons he owes his life to his Point2 (that fall in Kentucky) and I'll bet there are a bunch of other riders who are walking around today because they had the foresight to wear one.

Just my two cents.



Apr 29, 2002
Just a reminder that the Point2 needs to be used in addition to a conventional Body protector if entering any XC event as they do not yet meet approved standards on their own.

Having said that I think they are a great invention but would not buy a cheap copy. Bear in mind that replacing the canister is simple but not cheap..Last time I looked into it they were about £10.


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Mar 15, 2008
If it is patented design how has it been copied without their being an uproar then.

I would be concerned about it going off when it shouldn't and causing a fall, the picture of me about a foot out of the saddle springs to mind, i didn't fall off but would have if this had gone off.

What about the almost falls where you try and save yourself.

i'd worry the robbies one, would injure the neck?


Apr 29, 2002
The attaching cord on the Point2 gives enough room to cope with jumping drop fences and recoverable 'wobbles'. The noise when it goes off is not enormous and since you would already be well off the horse by that stage not really a factor.


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Nov 18, 2001
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The robbies one doesn't look like it inflates around the front or the neck at all, just has that bit sticking up at the back. When a point 2 goes off you can't move - it holds your spine straight - but it also cushions round your ribs and neck. The robbies one could just be a very bad picture, but from just looking at that it doesn't come close to the point 2.
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