I'm turning into an emotional whoosy......

Dizzy Woo

Well-Known Member
Apr 20, 2008
.......the older I get, anyone else suffering from this debilitating condition :wink:
Daughter has been at equine college for a year now and we went up today to see a presentation by the students.
Many things going on including join up in the round pen, seen join up demos before but it gets me every time and I'm welling up.
Next some of the students doing dressage to music, the effort the horses and riders put in and there I go again,welling up again.
Show jumping next, excellent, beautifully turned out horses and the tears are bubbling under the surface.
Finally daughter in a long reining demo. Just seeing her face beaming and realising just how amazingly well in one year, her confidence, her ability, her commitment to lots of hard work along with an awful lot of hard work away from college too, as she supports her own horse with no help from mum and dad. She has just passed her first year with a distinction and I'm afraid them there tears just bubbled right the way over.
Such a proud mum, such a smashing day.


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
Who wouldnt you be proud, it sounds like she has more than excelled in her first year!:smile: I bet you were bursting, I would be too!:smile:

I do find I am getting a tad more emotional and soft as the years pass by.....but I rectify it as quickly as possible by reverting to my usual caustic and grumpy persona!:giggle:


New Member
Mar 22, 2013
Im the same :twins:

I cry when see others cry and at the tv and when hear a sad story and when something happens in work that makes me proud of one of my kids in my class or my horses do me proud or someone is nice to me :cry:

I go into meltdown under stress easily these days and work has made my very anxious and I cry instead of coping like I used to :poop:

I am so nervous at shows if not the norm or a venue know etc and can reduce me to tears :timebomb:
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