Ideas for a 40th birthday present


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Feb 16, 2013
For my husband, to be precise, from me and the kids. I wanted to get him a steam train driving experience but it's £275 just for a morning! My budget is more like £100. He is a keen cyclist but already has a ton of kit and I barely know a road bike from a mountain bike. He also likes Reading FC, cricket, and Landrovers (he just bought me, as my runaround, a vintage Defender! Except I can barely drive it as it's designed for a 6 foot burly farmer and not a 5 foot 7 woman!) Any ideas pleeeeease? I am doing a big birthday party for him and have tickets to Jeeves And Wooster in the West End for the two of us.


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Oct 13, 2004
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How about if you have time making him a trip down memory lane using a blank book and fill it with pictures of him through the years - maybe ask his mum to help, maybe get some old pics from when he was a boy and call the book something like "Now I am 40" and underneath the pics put some captions etc. Just an idea. A friend of mine did this for her brother - not sure where she got the journal - it was a nice hard backed affair with thick blank pages.
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