I won't keep you in the dark any longer ...


pony hunting
Feb 5, 2008
Well, I finally have my new horse!:D
Some of you may or may not know but we decided due to joe being unsuitable we decided to get on the market for our own!
went to see him last weekend and he was vetted on thursday and past.
He is PERFECT! I havnt jumped since april/may time and the second time I rode him I jumped a decent sized cross pole.
Not got any pics of him yet but will get some shortly.
He is a 15.1 grey gelding 14yo absoulute angel.



New Member
Aug 31, 2008
Belfast NI
will you folk stop talking about new horses...its cruel!!!;):D
looking forward to seeing him...I love greys (and chestnuts, and bays....:p)
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